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Wines from extreme lands

Vini da terre estreme

December selection, led by sommelier Alvaro De Anna (Stage #9), dedicated to wines from extreme lands

We talk about extreme or heroic viticulture when it takes place in difficult and inhospitable territories. In particular, when the terrain has a slope greater than 30%, the altitude exceeds 500 metres, there are viticultural systems on terraces and steps or we are on small islands. In these areas, grapes are produced only because there are some winemakers who have exemplary roots in their territory and stubbornly decide to make wine.

At the same time, the environmental conditions guarantee wines with an unforgettable flavour: they are the work of fearless winemakers, children of man's toil and industriousness, they express the wisdom and experience of people for whom working is a continuous challenge against a difficult, inhospitable, demanding nature.

Wines from extreme lands are rare and precious gems, even rough at times, but with an unforgettable character.

The 3 wineries proposed in this selection are: Maixei , Pian Delle Vette , La Gelsomina.

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