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Rosé from Salento. Character to spare

bicchieri rosé

Step #15

Stage #15 of Sommelier Wine Box (June 2019, led by Matteo Carrozzini - best sommelier of Puglia 2018 ) was dedicated to Rosé del Salento .

As a good Apulian (and a good Salento!), the theme chosen by sommelier Matteo Carrozzini is Rosé , a wine which in this strip of land between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea is expressed through excellence recognized and awarded throughout the world. Salento was the birthplace of the first label of bottled Italian rosé wine, and today it continues to grow amidst the drive for innovation and deep traditions.

The historical production method of Salento rosé is that of "hat-raising" (also called "bloodletting") which consists in removing part of the must resulting from the first pressing to make the red wines more robust and obtaining the rosé from the extracted must. Today, the process occurs with the cold maceration of the skins in the must, obtained by soft pressing. It is a white vinification of black grapes , i.e. a short maceration of the pomace in the liquid part of the must.

And negroamaro is the favorite grape for Rosé del Salento, to which it gives a unique character.

Here are the wineries we discovered together: Antico Palmento , Cantine Bonsegna , Michele Calò , Vito Marulli .

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