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Maceration on the skins

Macerazione sulle bucce

Step #18

Stage #18 of the Sommelier Wine Box (September 2019, led by Ottavio Venditto , best sommelier in Italy 2014 ) was dedicated to maceration on the skins .

Macerating the must together with the skins allows the release of numerous substances that give the wine color, aromas, structure and longevity. If the practice of maceration is the norm for red grape wines, for some years it has also been rediscovered for white grape wines . There are many variables at play (variety of grape, its maturity, climate, temperature and duration of maceration) and the outcome can be surprising. The length of contact is a key element : it can last hours, months and in some cases even years. Making macerated wines today means returning to the origins , to the ancient winemaking practices, with an eye to authenticity, because these are generally very small productions and conducted with great attention to nature. In this monthly selection we discover wines from small wine artisans - who work in a natural regime -, obtained with different maceration times: complex whites, increasingly concentrated and rich in color (up to orange...) based on the length of skin maceration and also a structured red, with a clear and characteristic aromatic profile.

Here are the wineries we discovered together: Frank & Serafico , MoVe Mondragon , Roncùs .

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