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Lombardy of wine


Step #21

Stage #21 of the Sommelier Wine Box (December 2019, led by Artur Vaso - best sommelier of Lombardy 2017 ) is dedicated to the Lombardy of wine .

Lombard viticulture has always been characterized by a great diversification of production areas, which are distinguished by climatic and geographical conditions: a richness that extends from the terraced slopes of Valtellina, to the moraine areas of lakes Garda and Iseo, to reach the Apennine hills of 'Oltrepò Pavese and the lower Po Valley. In these environments of rare beauty and charm , the Lombard wine scene has evolved over the years, today reaching levels of excellence that are among the most interesting in Italy . The native vines are expertly cultivated together with some grapes of other origins which find perfect conditions in the region. So here are Chardonnay, Italic Riesling, Pinot bianco, Cortese, Turbiana, Moscato bianco among the white grapes; Croatina, Pinot Noir, Barbera, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Marzemino, Groppello, Moscato di Scanzo for the red ones. Here are the wineries we discovered together: Cascina Belmonte , Bruno Verdi , Montonale , Corte Fusia .

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