The legendary Albanian



Stage #29 of the Sommelier Wine Box (August 2020, led by sommelier Marco Casadei) was dedicated to the Albana grape!

"There is a beautiful and little-known Romagna, the one that from the Via Emilia does not go in the direction of the Riviera but rises gently up green hills. Here, the fruit quickly gives way to the vine.

In this selection I will take you to discover a unique vine, the Albana , which only in this narrow hilly strip has found the ideal conditions to best express its potential.

Original, eclectic, sunny, albana is the most important white grape in the Romagna territory, whose qualities were already known in the fourteenth century. Furthermore, from this grape is the first Italian white wine to have obtained the DOCG, in 1987.

After a period of little notoriety, today the Albanian is finally finding her role protagonist he deserves, and not only in Romagna!

The idea of ​​this selection was born precisely from the desire to tell the great enthusiasm of the producers Romagnoli and the extraordinary qualitative growth of their Albana.

Let us therefore abandon the safe harbors and set off together on this journey to discover the aromas, flavors and unique textures of this extraordinary vine."

Marco Casadei - sommelier of the month

The wineries proposed in the August 2020 selection are: Fattoria Zerbina , Ancarani , Marta Valpiani .

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