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Friulano, nuances of a unique land

Friuli Venezia Giulia vino

Step #13

Stage #13 of the Sommelier Wine Box (April 2019) was dedicated to Friulano , led by the FISAR delegation from Udine .

Friulian viticulture, in fact, is divided between plains and hills: the first, and more extensive, is characterized by the alternation of clayey-sandy and gravelly areas (Le Grave), while in the hilly part we find marl and sandstone (Ponca). This gives the same wine different aromas and flavors. We discovered how the Friulian vine manifests itself when it is grown in different areas of a region very suited to the cultivation of white wines. The route started from the lower eastern Friulian area, where the Friulian is found on medium-textured soils, composed of clays and sands rich in organic components. Then we traveled through the entire central part of the region, until we reached an area of ​​coarse pebbles deposited by streams and rivers. Finally, following the entire morainic amphitheater of the hills, we arrived east, on the hills close to the border with Slovenia, until we found more precious soils, such as marl. So here are Obiz , I Magredi and La Sclusa , great wineries of Friuli Venezia Giulia!

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