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Tommago Luongo: passion for the vineyards of Naples

Tommaso Luongo sommelier

The sommelier Tommaso Luongo led a stage to discover the "metropolitan wines of Naples"

To guide Stage 17 of the Sommelier Wine Box (August 2019) we turned to Tommaso Luongo , who told us his story.

“I am a son of the 1969 vintage, certainly not an unforgettable year for Campania wine due to the rains arriving at the wrong time but which humanity remembers for the lunar feat. Some time after the legendary moon landing, in 1987 I found myself a member of the Italian Sommelier Association: it was my father's colleagues who wanted to strengthen the memory of their friend who had passed away a few years earlier, with whom they had shared the early days of Campania and Italian sommeliers .

At the beginning of 2000 I decided to dedicate myself completely to this world, following in my father's footsteps : I first attended the sommelier course and then obtained the masterclass in sensory analysis, the qualification as an official taster, as well as that of a teacher. In the meantime I became a delegate, thanks to a "favorable astral conjunction", assuming responsibility for the Naples delegation; I currently also hold the position of contact person for the Campania region of Guida Vitae .

Many projects have been carried out in recent years, and I want to mention one in particular here: the conception and implementation of the Festival delle Vigne Metropolitane di Napoli , a network designed to bring together different wine-growing realities that have in common the location of the vineyards within of the municipal borders of the ancient city of Partenope.”

Tommaso Luongo, sommelier

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