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Simone Celeghin

Simone Celeghin sommelier

Sommelier Simone Celeghin takes us to discover wineries that create excellent wines in small plots of land!

To guide Stage #30 of the Sommelier Wine Box (September 2020) we turned to sommelier Simone Celeghin , who told us his story:

“A duty towards my paternal grandfather Virgilio, a proud farmer and wine connoisseur, who cultivated the dream of having at least one grandson who studied agriculture to continue the family tradition , thanks to which the two great world wars had been overcome.

So, at the age of 14, I began high school with a focus on "Agricultural Industries - Oenology", becoming more and more passionate about the subject every day, with the constant and still current desire to discover every little reality that our beautiful country offers us , from the point of oenological and gastronomic point of view.

I graduated as an oenologist and then approached the AIS-Venice at the age of 19, thus starting to travel the world as an ambassador of good Italian drinking and eating , working with important companies such as luxury cruises and various starred restaurants.

Today I am Beverage Manager & Head Sommelier at the JW Marriott Hotel Venice."

Simone Celeghin – sommelier of the month

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