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Simona Geri: The Winesetter

sommelier Simona Geri The Winesetter

The sommelier Simona Geri (The Winesetter), has curated for us a selection dedicated to the "great women of wine" (stage #23)

Stage #23 was led by sommelier Simona The Winesetter , who told us her story:

“Father from Bolgheri, maternal grandparents who owned a wine shop on the Island of Elba, I grew up on bread and Supertuscan. My father took me to my uncle's grape harvest: I loved the scent of the must... Administrative training, I cultivated my passion as a winelover, until - after a trip to Burgundy - I decided to become an AIS sommelier.

Thanks to the closure of the company where I had worked for 10 years, I reinvented myself: I set up a company and opened a blog where I started talking about wine. I continue to study and in May 2019 I enter the world of "Wine and Spirits International Trust", achieving the second level with merit . Today I collaborate with wineries, I am a social media partner, member of juries and wine educator.

My goal is to talk about wine in the simplest way possible , reducing to a minimum the now somewhat obsolete technical terms of sommeliers of the past.

I don't like those who "scream" in wine and my mottos are: "with kindness you will conquer the world" and "always raise your glasses".

Simona Geri

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