Patrizia Loiola

Patrizia Loiola sommelier

Patrizia Loiola, sommelier of Tappa 43: October 2021

I was born in Rome in 1963 and from those years I carry with me the progress and sense of rebellion against conformism. Citizen of the world, I live in Veneto along the Piave. For me, wine is an element of cognitive contamination, a powerful learning metaphor that helps us to know ourselves better, to develop our skills, to stimulate our creativity.

For 30 years I have been a trainer for the valorization of human resources, developing innovative projects in the social and territorial development fields.

My first approach to wine dates back to the magnificent 19 years of high school, newly graduated, hired as my first job in a hotel to serve wines in the dining room... Passion was born there. A destiny perhaps, strengthened a few years later when a friend gave me a silver tastevin that I put around my neck in 2004 after the Fisar sommelier course, of which I have been, since 2018, national councilor and communications manager.

Wine educator for restaurants, schools, training companies, I use wine as a metaphor for experiential learning in companies, inventing original ways of using "the nectar of the gods" as a storytelling methodology.

I have always been a Slowfood member where I deal with educational projects, since 2013 contributor for the Slow Wine Guide of which I am coordinator for the Veneto: a great privilege that allows me to cultivate my great passion: writing.

Telling the stories of winemakers, of their wines, of the territories is the most exciting aspect that binds me to the world of wine.

Patrizia Loiola

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