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Matteo Carrozzini - official sommelier and taster

Matteo Carrozzini


Best sommelier in Puglia

He led a stage to discover the "Rosé del Salento"

To guide Stage #15 of the Sommelier Wine Box (June 2019) we turned to Matteo Carrozzini , who told us his story.

My passion for wine starts from afar and develops in different moments of my life. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the rituality, the canonicity and also the concentration that characterized the days before the harvest, in a different and almost mystical way compared to the other agricultural practices that my grandfather, as a farmer, taught me by playing. Another spark occurred when, growing up, one of my university professors was analyzing the growth trends of the Apulian wineries compared with the rest of the Italian wineries... I have always been fascinated by the ritual of celebrating moments of greater conviviality with wine , thus the curiosity grew in me to learn more about each bottle, the reason for its economic value, the qualitative difference between the various productions and vintages and much more. This pushed me to become a sommelier, turning a passion into a profession ."


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