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Marco Casadei

sommelier Marco Casadei

THE SOMMELIER MARCO CASADEI, leading a stage on the legendary Albana!

To guide Stage #29 of the Sommelier Wine Box (August 2020) we turned to Marco Casadei , who told us his story:

“I was born and raised in Romagna and my surname already betrays my origins. My passion for wine was born a bit by chance and then exploded, leading me to travel around Italy driven by an innate desire to discover more and more. A path that led me to become a sommelier in 2013, then an AIS teacher, to win the 2016 Friulano master, the Sangiovese master in 2017 and in the same year the first Albana master.

I have always married my passion for wine and food with my work and through this wonderful combination I have been able to enrich my wealth of knowledge every day.

A beautiful journey made of aromas, flavours, but also of stories and lives spent among the rows... well, I could never give up these stories and the walks in the vineyard with the producers!"

Marco Casadei

If you've read this far, you're one of us!

So let's tell you a few words about Sommelier Wine Box

We create wine itineraries to discover extraordinary wines, territories and cellars, telling their stories and secrets.

There is no point in hiding, not all wines of the same price are the same , which is why we collaborate with great sommeliers to select only niche wineries and offer our customers the wines with the best quality/price on the market.