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Luisito Perazzo - best sommelier in Italy

Luisito Perazzo

Luisito Perazzo, Italy's best sommelier, led a stage to discover the "wines of the sands"

To guide Stage #16 of the Sommelier Wine Box (July 2019) we turned to the best sommelier in Italy, the great Luisito Perazzo , who told us his story.

“I had thought of a different story for my life: Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan. But, as often happens, some encounters aroused in me a curiosity for the knowledge of wine that has never abandoned me . I therefore embarked on a journey in which I immersed myself completely, driven by the desire to understand and understand the taste of wine, to personally know the territories, the places where the great wines are produced. Over time I took up the challenges that this job offered me, with the aim of putting myself to the test. With determination, I achieved various awards: Best Sommelier of Lombardy and Master Sangiovese in 2004, Master Nebbiolo the following year, up to Best Sommelier of Italy in 2005 .

My life passion, my daily passion, is focused on "Reading Wine", to discover the identities, the stories of the producer, the moods of the winemakers, the philosophies of the wine artisans . My task is to tell these stories full of life - sometimes even very emotional - to convey their work, to make it adequately professional, to enhance their product on the table with the desire to create an event with every glass ."

Luisito Perazzo, best sommelier in Italy

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