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Lorena Lancia - best sommelier in Italy FISAR 2016

Lorena Lancia
Best sommelier FISAR 2016 To guide Stage #7 of the Sommelier Wine Box (October 2018, dedicated to the "great reds") we turned to the experience of Lorena Lancia, best FISAR sommelier 2016!
I am an irreducible wanderer, by profession and soul: as a flight attendant I am always traveling and, more intimately, I have made curiosity a lifestyle . And wine couldn't escape my "cultural nomadism"... The desire to get closer to this magical world was born when I moved away from Sardinia for a job that gave me the opportunity to learn about many food and wine traditions. Since I decided to attend the course to become a sommelier, I haven't stopped. I continue to inform myself and study, learning from those who have more experience than me or experiences different from mine. Having won the Fisar 2016 Best Sommelier competition opened me up to collaboration with Wine Meridian and now I am involved with Slow Wine. This is my way of contributing to the growth of my Milan Delegation. I believe that learning about wine gives the extraordinary opportunity to observe the world from a special perspective because wine culture can reveal so much about the history of a territory, especially hidden and unpublished aspects. Lorraine

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