Interview with the best FISAR sommelier 2019

Carlotta Salvini migliore sommelier FISAR

It's a person humble, Carlotta Salvini: if he wins he thanks the whole group, if he excels he says that someone gave her the desire to succeed. She's actually a sommelier highly prepared, with more than a degree in her pocket, who dreams of leading small winemakers Italians to the international excellence they deserve. She is the best sommelier of Italy FISAR of 2019, and we had the honor of interviewing her.

Years, if you may ask…

1987 harvest… 32 years old!

When, the spark for wine?

Attending the sommelier course... it was my first window opened onto the world of wine.

Wine of the heart?

Françoise Bedel Cuvée Robert Winer 1996.

The best thing about being a sommelier…

Have the opportunity to get to know the immense panorama of wine excellences and feel the responsibility to communicate and represent them in the best possible way.

The most negative

Do a job that pleases and excites takes up a lot of your time; I often don't I notice, but it can weigh on the family, on friendships, on loved ones.

This is a good time to be a female sommelier. Donatella Cinelli Colombini told us that although gender disparities are still strong, women today are increasingly making their way into the world of wine

I believe it is It is increasingly important to raise awareness not only about the figure of women sommelier, but in general on the role of women who work in the vast world of wine, increasingly encouraging the involvement of women in the sector vine-growing and catering. The wine sector needs interdisciplinary skills so typical of women: from English, to marketing, from digital communication to wine tourism incoming techniques, from oenology to hospitality.

In 2019 you became the best sommelier in Italy FISAR. How did you prepare?

Theoretical study, e above all lots and lots of practical training!

What is the secret to winning the title of best sommelier of the year?

I must admit that the result obtained is the result of great team work: I have the lucky to be surrounded by people who passed on to me the passion and the determination essential to reach the top.

What are you good at?

Wine teaches always trust yourself, your sensations. I don't know if I will ever become good at this but it is an important life exercise that I faithfully pursue, every time I taste a wine.

There are people who have changed yours life, inspiring it?

My family is my dearest friends are a daily source of inspiration: esteem – reciprocated – of these people and the continuous discussion with those around me help me to always looking for the best version of myself.

Future challenges?

I would like being able to bring the figure of the Italian sommelier even beyond the border, and allowing especially to small wineries of great excellence to find a their space and positioning in foreign markets.

And finally, a tip for fans of wine…

I recommend not stopping at the famous names and the best-known labels, but also and above all looking for and supporting small local businesses, where there will be no shortage of surprises. Between wine shops and specialized resale sites, there is no shortage of opportunities today. And why not take the opportunity to visit the cellars? In addition to being a support for local tourism, it is a great opportunity to discover the beauties of our territory.

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