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Guido Beltrami - Passion for great little performers

Guido Beltrami sommelier

"Small terroirs, great wines"

To guide Stage #19 of the Sommelier Wine Box (October 2019) we turned to sommelier Guido Beltrami , who told us his story.

“I was born far from vineyards and cellars in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Milan, but I discovered the world of wine very early by doing summer jobs in a small relatives' winery near Volterra. Harvests and trade fairs are excellent reasons to skip school and after finishing high school I enrolled in Viticulture and Oenology. Between study and post study various experiences mainly in the cellar between Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. For a dozen years I have been an oenologist with around fifteen production companies in central and northern Italy, and for some years I have collaborated with the associated studio Natoli of Montpellier with which I intervene in Italy, France and Romania. Fisar teacher and commissioner of some Designations of Origin, I also willingly dedicate myself to commercial realities, such as Milanovino and Il Vinaiolo. When I'm not drinking I love riding a Vespa and playing football."


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