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Carlotta Salvini - best sommelier in Italy FISAR 2019

Carlotta Salvini sommelier migliore d'Italia FISAR

CARLOTTA SALVINI (best sommelier in Italy FISAR 2019) led a stage to discover the "vineyards of Siena"

To guide Stage #25 of the Sommelier Wine Box (April 2020) we turned to the best sommelier in Italy 2019, Carlotta Salvini , who told us her story:

“I was born in Siena and my first encounter with the world of wine began by participating in a grape harvest. I will never forget the scents and colors: everything spoke of strong ties with the earth . I found a total dimension in the fields and vineyards and immediately had a profound admiration for that peasant world that celebrated at the end of the harvest, a heartfelt and visceral celebration. It was the grape moment of relationships, something that went beyond the wine itself . I understood then that something had marked me forever and that that story had to continue.

I graduated in Agriculture and in Viticulture and Oenology, I continued my training obtaining the WSET level 3, while the sommelier diploma arrived in 2018. The following year it was the turn of the coveted title of Best Sommelier in Italy FISAR .

Today I work in a winery and collaborate with organizations and associations because I love dedicating myself to the small, great excellences of the area."

Carlotta Salvini

best sommelier Italy Carlotta Salvini

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