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Artur Vaso - best sommelier in Lombardy

Artur Vaso sommelier Lombardia

Artur Vaso, Best AIS Sommelier of Lombardy 2017, led a stage dedicated to the "Lombardy of wine" (Stage #21).

To guide Stage #21 of the Sommelier Wine Box (December 2019) we turned to the best sommelier in Lombardy, Artur Vaso , who told us his story.

“A sommelier by passion and love, I have been lucky enough since I was a boy to hang out with people who deeply loved wine. A passion that has today become a job.

I have a visceral love for the wine world in all its forms, from production to tasting to conviviality, one of the best aspects... Best sommelier in Lombardy in 2017, Court of Master Sommelier in London, Teacher of Food, Wine and Catering, esteemed speaker AIS, I just achieved third place in the competition for best Italian sommelier of the year.”

Artur Vase

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