Anna Cardin

Anna Cardin - Talent and determination

Talent and determination To guide Stage #8 of the Sommelier Wine Box (Veneto-Piedmont round trip: journey among the natives, November 2018) we turned to Anna Cardin :
Usually women hide their age, but for me - in line with my thoughts and my philosophy of life - it is the first thing I tell you. I was born in Valenza (AL) on 28 December 1981, the daughter of simple people, raised between school and work, I understood sacrifice and how life, the real one, works from a very young age. I approached the world of wine only in 2012: I had already been working in catering for many years, with a hotel school diploma obtained with flying colours, and I felt the need to evolve, to grow. I didn't like wine and I signed up for a course for this very reason : I realized that it was my limit so I wanted to understand what was beyond the wall. Climbing wasn't easy at first, but what I found beyond the wall was a world that I didn't believe could exist, which changed my life. Always with sharp claws and an upturned nose in search of new scents, I made my way to reach every set goal. I am currently Head Sommelier at the Oro Restaurant , inside the Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Michelin Star since 2015. I carry forward my ideas even if sometimes this leads me to clash with the crowd, I believe in a future world of wine accessible to everyone, made up of simple words and less political and more humane people. Anna

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