Andrea Gori

Andrea Gori: The IT sommelier

Andrea Gori, il sommelier informatico
The IT sommelier To guide Stage #1 of the Sommelier Wine Box we turned to Andrea Gori, best AIS sommelier in Tuscany in 2006 and among the most influential people in the world of wine. Fourth generation of the Gori family (restaurateurs in Florence with Trattoria da Burde since 1901), he is the first to seriously deal with wine. He first discovered a passion for technology and later for wine: biologist, researcher and geneticist, he began his studies as a sommelier in 2004. A passionate communicator, he gives a strong web presence to books and articles in magazines such as Business People. Since 2010, every month he has taken his way of tasting wine around the cities of Italy with God Save The Wine , a festival he created, now in its 84th edition. Since he was 7 years old he has had a computer in his hands, and for everyone he is "the IT sommelier", which for him means dealing with the internet and multimedia applications and at the same time drinking good wine, possibly together with good food. Andrea led us to discover acidity, grape variety and altitude. Of the trends affecting wine today, in fact, the strongest is that relating to its acidity , responsible for the effect on our palate. It is under the banner of this theme that Andrea Gori hosted the March stage of the Sommelier Wine Box. After years of intense and full-bodied wines, obtained from intense maturation and the use of woods that add body, we are increasingly moving towards fresh wines, with reduced extract, capable of being drunk easily without covering the dishes, what in France they call wines glou glou .

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