Andrea Galanti

Andrea Galanti - Best sommelier in Italy AIS 2015

Andrea Galanti
Best sommelier in Italy AIS 2015. To guide Stage #3 of the Sommelier Wine Box (dedicated to bubbles) we turned to Andrea Galanti, best sommelier in Italy AIS in 2015. Born in 1984, Florentine, Andrea grew up in the world of wine, in the family gastronomy, together with grandparents... The great passion exploded for him in 2011, when he became a professional sommelier, and from there he began a path that led him to become one of the most accredited Italian sommeliers. If there was a perfect year for Andrea, it was 2015 when he won the Master Sangiovese Ais, the title of Best Sommelier of Tuscany, the Master del Soave and became the Best Sommelier of Italy Ais of the year , fulfilling a dream . His great talent has, among others, also been recognized by the Ordre de Coteaux de Champagne , which last year made him a knight of the Order of Champagne. Andrea is the owner of the Gastronomia Enoteca Galanti in Florence and a member of the first television channel on wine, Wine TV Sky 815 . For him, being a sommelier means searching for origins, rediscovering territories and telling them to curious people. And always do it with a smile.

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