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The March selections - the best of 2 years together

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March WINE BOX: the best of sommelier wine box

Sommelier Wine Box

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March 2020

Roncùs winery , Capriva del Friuli

We are in Capriva del Friuli, a few kilometers from Gorizia: a family of farmers guided by a natural philosophy, with a beautiful history behind it. After the Second World War the Perco family wanted to return to growing their vines but could not afford a tractor. The war, however, had left a tank in the area, which they revitalized and put into operation to prepare the vineyard for burglary. From there they never stopped.

Zanotto col Fondo , Montebelluna

We are in the heart of the Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area. Here, Riccardo Zanotto has developed a very precise idea of ​​how a wine should be made and described: in his, we find the stories of the past, those aromas and flavors that made him fall in love with his land and the Italian territories that he went through, lived and loved. Inside each bottle, Riccardo puts his idea of ​​wine.

He rediscovered the wines with the fund, the winemaking of the past, with the second fermentation which occurs through spontaneous refermentation in the bottle.

Savoring them means experiencing the flavors of the past; for him, in fact, wine gives its best if experienced as it once did: tasted in the company of friends.

Campi Valerio , Monteroduni

In the ancient estate of Principe Pignatelli, the Valerio family has passionately recovered local viticulture since 1974, with special attention to the native vines of Sannio Pentro.

Always farmers, the family activities have been enriched with the wine production of new suggestions and oenological values. The attention paid to the ancient vines and the territory are the spirit that animate the Valerio winery, which is the only producer of Pentro wine (one of the rarest wines in the world), and was the first to create a Classic Method in its own territory.

The strong temperature variations favor the production of wines with an intense and decisive character, in the name of an authentic agricultural vocation.

Abate Nero , Sponda Trentina

If we have to name a name called to represent the Classic Method in Italy, here is the Trento Doc: subsoils rich in very important raw materials for the vine, mountains, altitude, exposure and much more paint a perfect picture.

The history of Abate Nero starts from the founding partners, Eugenio de Castel Terlago and Luciano Lunelli, still today, after over 40 years of activity, the soul of the company; They were joined by their children Andrea Eugenio and Roberta, who will have the task of collecting their legacy and carrying forward what - from 1973 onwards - is a great passion that unites two families. The company reaches 50/60,000 bottles a year and respects the dictates of classic sparkling wine; therefore maximum care is taken in every phase, from the choice of yeasts and the blending of the base cuvées , which will allow the wine to referment very slowly in the bottle and transform into Abate Nero, giving endless emotions in the mouth. Patience is a must: the wine rests on the yeasts for secondary fermentation much longer than usual. Don't be surprised if on the label you find dates that date back to harvests in the past few years, this gives added value to the sparkling wine. Each phase is manual, to guarantee control of every single bottle. Here too lies the charm of Abate Nero.


Collio Bianco, Roncùs Winery

40% "tocai" (Friulano) grapes, the same amount of pinot grigio and a little sauvignon, from 25-year-old vines grown by Marco, the current owner, on marly soil.

Four hours of maceration on the skins, which is reflected in the color of the wine, just golden. Spontaneous fermentation takes place in steel, made with only indigenous yeasts for a natural, genuine and highly digestible wine.

We are in the Collio, so here is a white with a savory and mineral flavour, which on the nose expresses notes of white almond, aromatic herbs, bay leaves, hints that precede the ponca (the soil of the Collio); a wine that has an important and very pleasant finish, and which is very easy to drink.

Try it with a platter of smoked cured meats.

Prosecco Rivolto, Zanotto

Extra Dry sparkling wine produced with a blend of Glera grapes (85%) and other white grapes with a strong aptitude for making sparkling wine.

Immediate separation of the must from the skins with direct pressing, cold decantation and fermentation in steel tanks with temperature control. The second fermentation lasts three months and takes place in steel according to the Martinotti or Charmat method; bottling follows.

Fine and intense perlage , as well as the olfactory bouquet : therefore hints of citrus and apple. The taste is direct and delicate with a soft finish thanks to the 13g/l of residual sugar, for a sparkling wine that fully fits into the great Italian sparkling wine production. We recommend serving it between 7 and 9 degrees.

Perfect in combination with veal with tuna sauce.

Calidio, Campi Valerio

The name derives from an engraving on a Roman tombstone, found near the production area.

From Montepulciano grapes vinified in purity, in steel only, Calidio comes to life, a red that stands out for its floral aromas (field violet above all) and morello cherries, clean and clear, and for its very pleasant flavour. Austere and full-bodied. Drink slightly chilled (15°C) on hot summer days, while at 18-20°C in winter.

Perfect with pork and cheese.


Val di Miez, Roncùs winery

Merlot and cabernet franc from 40-year-old vineyards grown organically by Marco, the current owner. Long maceration, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and completely malolactic fermentation. Then it ages in large French oak barrels for 18 months.

A reserve red produced in very few bottles, which has structure and power, balsamicity, a lot of fruit but also herbaceous notes. On the palate it stands out for its elegance.

Perfect to drink now, but if forgotten in the cellar it will reserve pleasant surprises in a few years...

You can start from seasonal cheeses but it can be nice to go further in the pairing, due to the important and silky tannins of this red, up to long-cooked meats, such as veal cheek with leeks and potatoes.

Extra Brut, Abate Nero

The essence of the company: in this bottle you can fully appreciate the chardonnay (100%) without any sugary influence. A deep, alpine, fresh and never banal bubble. Traditional white winemaking with soft pressing of the grapes and first fermentation in steel. Second fermentation and stay on the yeasts for almost 2 years.

Its elegance manifests itself from the beginning: here is the fine perlage, citrus notes and light exotic touches, combined with mountain floral notes. In the mouth it is a riot of almost infinite freshness and has a nice savory finish, a strong reminder of the territory.

Simply perfect as an aperitif, try it also with cold appetizers or raw seafood.

Tintilia Opalia, Campi Valerio

The name derives from the goddess of good luck at the harvest.

A thoroughbred for its denomination, this Tintilia makes the glass serious with its impenetrable, intense ruby ​​red colour. Forerunners are aromas of blackberries, berries, bramble, slightly spicy spice; but then also liquorice root on a vanilla base. Harmonious, material and full of personality. Refines for 2 years in barrique .

It is a splendid companion for the most beautiful dinners in the company of Italian cuisine dishes based on meat and rich sauces.

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