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The May selections - Molise exists

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WINE BOX FOR May: Molise exists, and produces great wines (Stage 14), chosen by the legendary Carlo Pagano, best sommelier in Abruzzo and Molise - May 2019

Campi Valerio

In the ancient estate of Principe Pignatelli, the Valerio family has passionately recovered small-scale local viticulture since 1974, with special attention to the native vines of Sannio Pentro.

Always farmers, the family activities have been enriched with the wine production of new suggestions and oenological values. The attention paid to the ancient vines and the territory are the spirit that animate the Valerio winery, which is the only producer of Pentro wine (one of the rarest wines in the world), and was the first to create a Classic Method in its own territory.

The strong temperature variations favor the production of wines with an intense and decisive character, in the name of an authentic agricultural vocation.

Saint Zeno

San Zenone wines fully express the winemaking tradition of Molise. The long experience, the work of passionate growers and the favorable climatic conditions give their products uniqueness and value. Among the hills of Montenero di Bisaccia, the last bastions of the Trigno valley, the vines are exposed to the sun and mitigated by the sea breeze.

The San Zenone Winery plays a primary role in the economy of its territory: here wines come to life that are the result of a combination of human qualities, unique characteristics of the land and attachment to it on the part of those who work it.

Grieco holdings

The Grieco family, after their entrepreneurial successes in Puglia, takes over the production reins of the Portocannone company, overlooking the sea, with the Tremiti Islands on the horizon. This place was so loved by the great Lucio Dalla, who before going to enjoy the island refreshment, stopped by the company to stock up on wine.

This winery pays maximum attention to the typical local vines, but also has a wide range of international vines.


Calidio - Campi Valerio

From Montepulciano grapes vinified in purity in steel comes Calidio, a red that stands out for its floral aromas (field violet, for example), clear and clean, and for its very delicate flavour. Steel only; to drink even slightly chilled (15°C) on hot summer days.

Its name derives from an engraving on a Roman tombstone, found near the production area.

Pairing: perfect with pork or cheese.

Trebbiano Clivia - San Zenone

Pure Trebbiano grapes harvested manually. Refinement in steel only.

Bright straw yellow, this wine immediately evokes aromas of saturnia peach, golden apple and anise. Taste tension and cleanliness make it lean and dynamic.

Pairing: perfect to accompany vegetable-based appetizers but also fish and shellfish dishes.

Tintilia 200 meters - Tenimenti Grieco

Example of how even at low altitudes it is possible to produce a Tintilia of absolute value (200 meters is the minimum altitude for vineyards capable of becoming Tintilia del Molise Doc).

Grapes harvested and selected by hand, vinified in steel. On the nose spices and red currants dominate, and then aromatic herbs and spices. Enveloping and slender to drink, taste it at 16°C: it will give its best!

Pairing: try with Molise cheeses and cured meats, but also with tasty first courses and grilled meat.


Tintilia Opalia - Campi Valerio

The name derives from the goddess of good luck at the harvest. A thoroughbred for its denomination, this wine makes the glass serious with its impenetrable, intense ruby ​​red colour. Forerunners are aromas of blackberries, brambles and slightly spicy spices. Harmonious, material and full of personality. Refines for 2 years in barrique .

Pairing: it is a worthy companion for the most beautiful dinners in the company of Italian cuisine dishes based on meat and rich sauces.

Pluris - San Zeno

Pluris, from Latin, stands for plurality. On the label it features three essays, symbol of "3", the perfect number.

Pure Moltepulciano, grown in the hills of Montenero di Bisaccia and harvested by hand from mid-October. On the nose: ripe red fruit, hints of vanilla and small spicy notes. Careful workmanship in the vineyard and in the cellar gives life to a wine with structure, character, with soft and velvety tannins while the processing in small French wood for 24 months gives complexity, elegance and persistence.

Pairing: try it with lamb dishes.

Bosco delle Guardia Biferno Rosso - Tenimenti Grieco

Name that derives from a beautiful and evocative high-altitude Mediterranean scrub that separates more or less in half the best vineyards of the cellar, cultivated with Montepulciano and Aglianico.

It is an important wine already in its garnet hue, with a great impact on the nose with fruit jam and sweet sensations.

It matures in medium-sized wood and has great structure, always elegant, warm and balanced.

Pairing: excellent with stewed red meats or game, but also with mature cheeses.

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