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The May selections - tradition and innovation

Cantina Di Sante

MAY WINE BOX: FROM THE TRADITION OF THE FATHERS TO THE INNOVATION OF THE SONS ( Stage #26), led by André Senoner, a great promise of Italian wine

Ca' di Frara , Mornico Losana (PV)

We are located in Oltrepò Pavese. The company is managed by Luca Bellani, who took over the family business in the 1990s, a business started already in 1905 by his great-grandfather Giovanni with the purchase of some plots of vineyard land between the municipality of Mornico Losana and Oliva Gelsi. Oriented towards total respect for the product, the company combines tradition with the best and most modern winemaking technique. Maximum attention has always been paid to the choice of the most suitable soil for the different vines; natural cultivation is carried out in all vineyards, treatments are controlled and reduced to a minimum. Luca brought the idea of ​​clonal selection and harvesting exclusively by hand, soft pressing of the grapes with a yield of 50%. All this and the choice of total respect for the product make Luca Bellani a producer who is creating something unique in this area. His wines always know how to surprise with their quality standards.

Cantina della Volta , Bomporto (MO)

The name comes from the ships coming from Modena which in the fifteenth century, following the course of the canal, made the "turn" here to resume navigation in the opposite direction towards the ducal city of Parma. The company was founded in 2010 thanks to Christian Bellei and Angela Sini, after the structural recovery of the old building dating back to 1920 of their great-grandfather Francesco. Christian, encouraged by his friends to take over the family business, follows a new path that is not very common in the area, making use of all the winemaking knowledge acquired from his father who was among the first in the Modena area to adopt the Classic Method. From the beginning, the objective has been to become the leader of a niche market of very high quality local wines. And he can say he succeeded.

Dalle Ore , Trissino (VI)

The estate was purchased in 1903 by great-grandfather Girolamo Dalle Ore. Guided by his great love for his land, by his passion for the vine and its fruit, he is the first in the area to combine the principles of quality (zoning, pruning techniques...) with the thousand-year-old tradition of viticulture in this part of Lessinia . With the same enthusiasm and the same love for their land Marco, Vittorio, Luciano Margoni Dalle Ore, together with the luminary Franco Giacosa, today use the principles of biodynamics as a guide for respectful agriculture. The work takes place with full respect for each of the individual plots to produce authentic wines. The grapes are grown with wisdom, harvested with patience and vinified with passion. The breezes, always present in this area, and the inexhaustible ancient energy of the volcano, are determined natural factors that contribute to creating the particularity of the microclimate.


Nerozero, Ca' di Frara (perfect to be enjoyed immediately)

100% Pinot Noir from the municipalities of Oliva Gessi, Mornico and Casteggio, from a calcareous-chalky soil. Originally it was made still, then we started to focus on the sparkling version. Soft pressing with cold pre-maceration. This is followed by submerged cap maceration (skins in contact with the wine, always kept immersed in the liquid) and fermentation in stainless steel.

Intense ruby ​​red in colour, the nose has a clear and elegant aroma of ripe fruit with a light mineral finish. On the palate it is sumptuous and has a full flavor of berries.

Food matching: fried courgette flowers in batter.

Serving temperature: 10° C.

CDV Brut Rosso, Cantina della Volta (perfect to be tasted immediately)

100% Lambrusco di Sorbara. In a land dominated by the dark sparkling wines produced by our grandfather, the Cantina della Volta proposes this color in a brilliant ruby ​​red wine, with chains of fine and uninterrupted perlage , characteristic of the Classic Method. On the nose there are inviting fragrances of raspberries and juicy strawberries mixed with intriguing citrus notes. On the palate it enters decisively, as an authentic Sorbara, then broadens with rich fruity flavours. Pleasant finish, good persistence, excellent balance between acidity and flavor, clean finish.

Pairing: cockerel with peppers.

Serving temperature: 8°/10° C.

Calesio Brut, Dalle Ore (perfect to be enjoyed immediately)

100% Durello

Charmat Method sparkling wine, the result of an ancient native variety, Durella, once set aside and used only as an addition to more noble vines but gradually gaining 100% pure production.

Straw yellow in color with golden reflections. On the nose it is floral and elegant, with fine and persistent perlage . On the palate it is fresh, full and with great mineral expression. Fermentation without the use of selected yeasts, in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. Sparkling winemaking with the long Charmat method.

Pairing: sushi.

Serving temperature: 8°/10° C.


Sixty, Ca' di Frara (to drink within 2/4 years)

100% Pinot Noir from the municipality of Oliva Gessi, from calcareous-marble soil. Classic Method Zero Dosage, 60 months on the lees. Soft pressing, selection of 30% of the must, unique for Classic Methods, the result of its creator's desire to differentiate himself. Cold decantation and controlled temperature fermentation. Refermentation in the bottle with addition of must and selected yeasts. A Blanc de Noirs with light golden reflections. On the nose it presents aromas of ripe fruit with a pleasantly citrine finish. The mouth is creamy, broad and well-balanced, with a savory, mineral and fruity finish.

Pairing: salmon tartare with pink pepper.

Serving temperature: 7°/8° C.

Trentasei, Cantina della Volta (drink within 2/4 years)

100% Lambrusco di Sorbara

Classic Method that challenges everyone due to the long stay on the yeasts (36 months!) - a sacrilege for many with Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes, but not for Christian. Extremely brilliant, with an intense ruby ​​red colour. On the nose there are hints of morello cherries, currants and wild rose. Good body with excellent extracts. Savory, compact and creamy. Complex wine, capable of combining the modernity and tradition of Lambrusco, to be served at 8° C in a Grand Champagne glass.

Pairing: mussel and clam stew.

Cabernet Franc, Dalle Ore (to drink within 4 years)

100% Cabernet Franc

It comes from vines over fifty years old and best expresses the characteristics of that journey that starts from the Pyrenees, rises in the Loire region to arrive in Veneto during the 18th century. I continue to study to produce a French red on volcanic territory.

Fermentation on the skins. Aging in 30 hl round barrels for 24 months. On the nose it is intense, complex, fruity and floral, with notes of violets and roses, red fruit and a fresh vegetal nature. On the palate it is dry, warm and enveloping, with silky tannins in perfect balance with the mineral component, pleasantly long.

Pairing: pigeon risotto.

Serving temperature: 18° C.

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