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July's selections - wines of the sands

vini delle sabbie

July Wine Box: wines of the sands (stage #16, July 2019) selected by the legendary Luisito Perazzo, best sommelier in Italy

Mariotti Vini - San Giusepppe di Comacchio, Ferrara

Characterized by a microclimate favorable to the production of native varieties of the Ferrara province, the Mariotti company faithfully interprets the task attributed by the vine/terroir combination.

Company located in the Po Delta where the sandy soils have allowed the cultivation of non-grafted grapes. In the seventies, the founder Giorgio Mariotti decided to undertake production by focusing on the historic vineyards of the Fortana vine and promoting the recognition of the Bosco Eliceo DOC.

For some years Mirco Mariotti, together with his sister Barbara, has been continuing the family philosophy with the desire to enhance the differences and peculiar traits of their territory. The result is determined by the frank and vivid profile of its wines, in which drinkability is associated with excellent functions in terms of gastronomic pairings of typical dishes in the "Land of the Estensi". The sensorial imagery of their wines is pleasant and fragrant, without ever neglecting that touch of real flavor provided by the sandy and sedimentary soils.

Baglio di Pianetto - Santa Cristina, Gela

Estate founded by Count Paolo and Countess Florence Marzotto in the mid-nineties in Santa Cristina di Gela, in the Palermo area.

The objective from the beginning was to create a marriage between the typical Sicilian varieties with some French varieties, so as to focus both the island's soil climate and the elegance and versatility of the transalpine vines, all according to a production philosophy of biological mold.

Wine production distributed over two vineyard estates, this one in Pianetto with predominantly calcareous soils with sandy deposits, the other in Baroli, in the Syracuse area, with purely sandy soils.

Claudio Mariotto - Vho, Tortona

Producer from the south-east area of ​​Tortona, now in its fourth generation, it is part of the production philosophy expressed by the concept of "Independent winemakers" who manage the vineyards in a traditional way, from tending the vineyard to bottling and commercial management.

Located in the Vho area, he also owns old vineyards which he combines effectively for the creation of wines, with particular attention to the Barbera and Timorasso varieties, with a firm belief that quality is the result of technique but above all it is the representation of the terroir in which he operates and which is reflected in the absolute value of the wines.

The result is always a concentrated and aromatic wine, a wine that is determined through the intimate relationship between the producer and his vineyard.


Surliè - Mariotti Vini

Wine with an identity and representative of the Ferrara viticulture area; expression of a variety which, thanks to its characteristics of adaptation to sandy soil, offers sensory notes that combine drinkability and traditionality.

Produced with a medium-late manual harvest, the spontaneous fermentation of the must is followed by refermentation in the bottle in the presence of its own yeasts for approximately two months.

A wine with a bright and purple appearance, the aroma reveals small fruits reminiscent of raspberries, blackberries and wild strawberries with a slightly peppery nuance. Fresh and tasty tasting with creamy bubbles and strong symmetrical savory notes.

Pairing: to drink in company, trying a local pairing such as grilled eel.

Ficiligno - Baglio di Pianetto

Wine produced with native and non-native grapes such as Insolia and Viognier, to create a varied and elegant combination; cuvée aged only in steel.

Straw yellow and crystalline, it releases broad aromas of tropical fruit that evoke pineapple, litchi, passion fruit, with a floral touch of jasmine.

The entry translates into freshness and good length, good balance and flavor, it closes still fruity with mineral scents.

Pairing: try it with seafood fettuccine.

Barbera Territory Colli Tortonesi - Claudio Mariotto

Historic wine and "family" grape variety from Piedmont, always indicated as a convivial element and defined as the daily accompaniment.

In the Tortona hills, in the province of Alessandria, it has always been excellently acclimatized with results of great importance and notable goodness.

This “Territorio” version stands out for a pleasant and fragrant bouquet reminiscent of fresh red fruit with touches of black cherry, and the characteristic vinous aroma of a young wine aged only in steel containers; greedy, fruity, floral, fresh tasting, with discreet body, involved in a warm and seductive sensation that justifies its perfect balance.

Pairing: savor it in a medium glass together with porcini mushroom tortelli with herb butter.


Abbatia Sparkling Wine Brut Nature - Mariotti Vini

Wine with refermentation in the bottle according to the traditional classic method; The variety used is particular because it is the Fortana vine, vinified in white.

The reference vineyard comes from the Duna di San Giuseppe di Comacchio, therefore sandy, which gives elegant floral notes.

Minute and persistent bubbles characterize the glass, a very pleasant tasting drink always courted by a fresh, subtle and dynamic aroma.

Pairing: non-measured version to try with a warm shellfish and avocado compote.

Shymer - Baglio di Pianetto

Customary blend between two varieties, Syrah and Merlot, to guarantee a sensorial expression that evokes spicy and toasted notes, with a fruity and silky profile.

Organic management of the vinification followed by a period of maturation in French barriques of different passages.

A rich wine from its appearance with an exuberant color of ruby ​​hues, a nose characterized by ripe and pulpy fruit, primarily blackberry and cherry, crossed by scents of chocolate, eucalyptus, violet, vanilla and liquorice.

The flavor is full, velvety and enveloping, with fine and round tannin, with a marked flavor that makes the whole intense and persistent with still spicy and fruity flavors.

Pairing: savor it in a large glass together with Palermo-style chicken rolls.

Derthona Timorasso - Claudio Mariotti

Color that turns golden, shining and voluptuous, the scent recalls yellow fruit, peach, pineapple, mango, yellow plum, notes of delicate spiciness that leads back to white pepper, and then the profile becomes chalky and salty, flint and flint .

Intense and enveloping taste, tense but rounded, saline and fruity, proportionate in the mouth in terms of volume, pleasantness, persistence and minerality, with a toasted finish.

A wine to keep for every occasion, good now but you can also wait for it for some time, in this way it will redefine its overall bouquet .

Pairing: to be served in the largest glass and to try with veal soubrics in a spicy sauce.

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