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The June selections - Rosé del Salento

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June Wine Box: Rosé del Salento (stage 15, June 2019): a selection by sommeleir Matteo Carrozzini (best sommelier in Puglia) JUNE WINE BOX: ROSé DEL SALENTO, CHARACTER TO SELL

Michele Calò and Sons - Tuglie (LE)

“Cu no manca mai lu mjeru pe li Cristiani” or “May there never be a shortage of wine for the people” (mjeru comes from the Latin merum, pure wine). With these words Michele Calò warned his sons Giovanni and Fernando. Today, on the estates of Tuglie, Alezio, Parabita and Sannicola (LE), they cultivate the historic vines (Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Primitivo and Verdeca) in continuity with their father's will.

These are strong vines that produce important and elegant wines, capable of arousing intense emotions but also demanding constant care and attention, in the vineyard and in the cellar, at any time of the year.

Fernando and Giovanni follow the various phases of their winery's activity with the same passion passed on to them by their father, but also with an innovative spirit and the awareness that only great commitment gives the desired results, even for the most demanding palates.

Marulli Winery - Copertino (LE)

The Marulli winery was founded in 1975 in Copertino (LE), an essentially agricultural center in Salento. However, for two generations the family had been cultivating vines and producing good wine. Today Vito has 20 hectares of vineyards cultivated with native and international grapes. The location of the land, the favorable climate, but above all the deep attachment to the land and the vine allow him to obtain excellent quality grapes, which he transforms into full-bodied reds, fruity and fragrant rosés, and very elegant and delicate whites.

Ancient Palmento - Manduria (TA)

Antico Palmento is a family-run business in the center of Manduria. It was born from the passion of Bruno Garofano who, after forty years of collaboration and oenological consultancy for various Apulian wineries, decided to put his experience at the disposal of his children and started a wine business in the heart of one of the most suitable areas of Puglia. The objective is to produce wines in limited quantities that interpret the best expression of the territory: for this reason it focuses heavily on native wines. Attention is focused on primitivo, the main grape variety of this area.

Bruno's dream came true in 1998 with the acquisition of a few hectares of vineyard and a "palmento" (a tank for fermenting the must) dating back to the early years of the last century. The entire production chain takes place in the structure returned to work after a careful renovation. Given its historical origin and location in the center of Manduria - among very narrow streets - we can truly speak of heroic winemaking !

Bonsegna Winery - Nardò (LE)

This agricultural company was founded by Primo Michele Bonsegna in 1964, in Nardò, land of Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia Nera, an area that has one of the largest extensions of vines in Salento. Since 1991 the company has been carried on by his son Alessandro.

The owned vineyards are in Nardò, in the historic districts and near the Portoselvaggio Natural Park. The winery is fully committed to integrated pest control systems, to limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides to a minimum.

“We produce serious wines, made with the right respect for the traditions and expressiveness of the territory, never caricatured or presumptuous, wines that Primo Bonsegna - my father - would certainly have liked”.


Mjère Salento Rosato – Michele Calò e Figli

The 90% Negroamaro and 10% Malvasia Nera Leccese grapes are harvested by hand and left to macerate for 16-18 hours. At the time of racking only 25-30% is destined for the production of Mjère Rosato. Only the best part, the clear and coral pink one obtained from the "lifting of the hat" is destined for fermentation, at a controlled temperature (approximately 18° C). This technique consists of removing a part of the must from the maceration tank in which a red wine is being prepared to vinify it in white and obtain a rosé wine.

Coral pink in colour, the nose is intense with a beautiful bouquet of delicate fresh fruit which is found in the persistence of the taste, which has a captivating Mediterranean flavour.

It is recommended to taste it between 12 and 14° C.

Pairing: excellent with white meats such as veal with tuna sauce, but also with fresh cheeses, unmatured pecorino cheeses.

Emeris Salento Rosé Negroamaro - Marulli Winery

Pure Negroamaro grapes produced in Copertino, softly pressed and left in contact with the must for approximately 6-7 hours. Controlled temperature fermentation, held at 18-20°C and aging in steel tanks.

Cherry pink with coral reflections, this Rosé has a delicate, fruity bouquet . In the mouth it is dry and harmonious, with a pleasant bitter finish.

To give it its best, serve it at 12°C!

Pairing: try it with Italian appetizers but also with baked fish or white meats.

Dances of the Countess Nardò Rosato - Cantina Bonsegna

90% Negroamaro grapes and 10% Malvasia Nera di Lecce, carefully selected by hand, vinified in rosé, with short maceration on the skins at a controlled temperature, for approximately 8-10 hours.

This wine is a beautiful coral pink, soft and enveloping; fresh aromas of aromatic herbs and even some iodine notes immediately emerge on the nose.

In the mouth it is savory, tasty, elegant.

Pairing: it is a very flexible wine, it pairs perfectly with first courses but also with meat, dairy products and fresh cheeses.


Cerasa Salento Rosato - Michele Calò e Figli

The name of this wine comes from cherry pink, a beautiful cherry color. From Negroamaro grapes grown in the Prandico vineyard in Agro di Alezio (LE), carefully selected and left to macerate for 16-18 hours. Then, the "lifting of the hat" takes place, a technique which consists in removing a part of the must from the maceration tank - in which a red wine is being prepared - to vinify it in white and obtain a rosé wine.

Once fermentation is complete, this is transferred for 5-6 months partly into small 225 liter French oak barrels, partly into stainless steel tanks. At the end of the refinement, the two parts are assembled and left to rest for the right amount of time before bottling. Of a beautiful structure, with characteristics that make it excellent even over the years.

Of a beautiful, intense and brilliant coral pink, the nose is intense, with a bouquet that smells of cherry and fresh fruit. The taste is soft, elegant and with a good fruity persistence.

Pairing: rightly savory, it lends itself to accompanying important fish dishes, Mediterranean cuisine with tomatoes, peppers, anchovies, capers, olives...

Tenuta Paraida Rosè Copertino - Marulli Winery

Wine obtained from Negroamaro grapes with an average age of the vines of 30 years, kept under the Apulian sapling system, an ancient vine training system that protects from wind and drought.

The grapes are softly pressed and left in contact with the must for 6-7 hours, to obtain the right pink shade. Aging for approximately three months in steel tanks.

Intense and brilliant cherry colour, with a rich and composite bouquet , with fruit aromas and hints of raspberry, cherry, peach blossom. The taste is dry and warm, with a herbaceous background combined with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.

Pairing: it finds the most varied combinations but in particular goes very well with fish dishes.

Southern Roses Salento Primitivo - Antico Palmento

“Rose del Sud” is a wine with an intense coral color, made from 100% primitivo grapes (so called because they are the first to ripen). On the nose it expresses the most typical traits of the vine with floral and fresh Mediterranean fruit scents.
The flavor is satisfied by a good acidity supported by softness. It is full-bodied and enveloping, which mitigates the sustained alcohol content.

Pairing: fresh and persistent in its taste-olfactory notes, this invites us to sip it throughout the meal, in all seasons of the year.

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