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January selections - Trentino wines

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JANUARY WINE BOX: journey among Trentino WINES (Stage 10), led by Roberto Anesi - January 2019

Lands of Lagorai

Small, newly founded company, three partners, three friends, who work in Valsugana, an area which from a production point of view is one of the last emerging areas in the Trentino wine scene. This - and much more - is Terre del Lagorai.

The cellars are inside an old and historic castle, Castel Ivano near Borgo Valsugana, in which the bottles of Trento DOC mature. This is the first sparkling wine from Terre del Lagorai, officially presented just 3 months ago.


It's a family business; we are above San Michele all'Adige, on the road that goes towards Faedo - a stupendous position from where you can see the entire Adige plain. All the Bellaveder vineyards are a single body around the company, managed by Mr. Tranquillo and his family.

Until about ten years ago this company gave its grapes to a cooperative winery: it recently started a project to produce its own wine; to do so, he enlists the help of one of the most important winemakers in Trentino.

The character of Bellaveder wines is to focus on very typical, clean wines with a clear character.


Dorigati is a historic company, founded at the end of the nineteenth century. We are in Mezzocorona, in one of the classic towns for the production of teroldego. The company is managed by two cousins, Paolo and Michele, very active, passionate and involved in the history of Teroldego. This vine is deeply linked to the climatic zone and to that particular alluvial substrate that was created in some villages such as Mezzocorona, but also Grumo, Mezzolombardo and San Michele all'Adige. Thanks to this pebbly soil covered by very fertile soil, Teroldego finds its perfect setting, so much so that outside of this setting the vine is unable to express its maximum potential.


This is a historic company from Pressano, a small town near the hills of Trento, led with passion by three brothers.

We are at the exit of the Cembro Valley, a very cold valley. Here, the production of wines, especially white ones, truly finds its ideal location and excellent ones are produced: fresh, tasty and very fragrant.


Solaris, Lands of Lagorai

Solaris is a vine that has been genetically modified to become highly resistant to diseases in the vineyard, so much so that it does not require chemical treatments.

The Solaris by Terre del Lagorai immediately presents itself with a very Trentino appearance: it is a white with a beautiful olfactory impact, of fresh citrus fruit, and combines freshness and acidity in the mouth. The note of flavor that emerges on the finish is also very interesting.

Perfect as an aperitif, it also pairs well with white meats and fish.

Müller-Thurgau: Bellaveder

If in Trentino Müller-Thurgau is generally produced in the Cembra Valley, this selection instead comes from the north of Lake Garda, from a plateau in Cavedine, from a vineyard at 600 meters above sea level.

It has a freshness due to the altitude and very strong qualities in terms of aromatic maturation. Here are therefore aromas of flowers and fruits (jasmine, sage, white peach...) for an aromatic and rich, savory and persistent Müller-Thurgau.

Ideal as an aperitif, perfect with oysters, seafood and Asian foods.


Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Classico, Dorigati

It is a grape variety closely related to lagrein - which is its progenitor - but has a more refined palate.

This Teroldego by Paolo and Michele is the classic one: direct and easy, not excessively demanding and structured. It is vinified in red with good permanence on the pomace, matures for 12 months in large oak barrels and refines for 6 months in the bottle. It has fruity aromas with hints of blackberry and raspberry, it is very drinkable on the sip, with a pleasant freshness.

This is why it pairs well with many dishes (roasts, game, mature cheeses...) but it is also a beautiful everyday wine.


Trento DOC, Terre del Lagorai

The first bubble with which Terre del Lagorai entered the market, a few months ago.

100% Chardonnay, it perfectly expresses the climatic characteristics of Valsugana and Trentino in general. A wine of great impact, fresh, citrusy, with a beautiful structure dominated by acidity.

It is a broad wine, to be enjoyed throughout the meal.

Lagrein Dunkel "Mansum" Reserve, Bellaveder

Typical grape variety, the lagrein, which finds a great location in the South Tyrolean territory but which can also produce surprising wines in Trentino because here there are the conditions to achieve great ripeness of the grapes.

This wine macerates on the skins for 10/15 days and refines in oak barrels for a year and in the bottle for another 6 months. It has the character of a very ripe fruit, it is complex and multifaceted.

It is a Lagrein with great potential: very dark and complex on the nose, reminiscent of small, beautifully ripe, almost syrupy fruits (blackberry, blueberry...), but also chocolate and balsamic notes. On the palate it is more elegant, with excellent structure and beautiful persistence on the palate.

Great potential in combination with tasty cuisine: here in the mountains we offer it with game, roe deer, mushrooms, polenta...

Nosiola, Cesconi

Nosiola is one of Trentino's native vines, the only white one; It gives wines with a beautiful and intense olfactory impact, with a medium body. Nosiola is grown in the highest vineyards of the Cesconi property at around 500 meters above sea level.

It is fermented in stainless steel containers and in large acacia barrels, a wood that allows the advantages of winemaking in wood to be combined while safeguarding the fine and delicate bouquet of the nosiola. It is a delicate and mineral wine, which has excellent freshness and acidity but also great evolutionary potential: it can surprise and age for several years.

It is a wine that has great potential for pairing at the table because it is easy, delicate, has a nice acidity, a neutral and elegant character and goes well both before dinner and with appetizers and first courses.

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