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December selections - Lombardy wine


December selections, dedicated to Lombardy wine (stage #21) selected by Artur Vaso
best AIS sommelier in Lombardy 2017 December 2019

The cellars

Cascina Belmonte , Muscoline (BS)

We are in Valtènesi, in Muscoline, a beautiful and very suitable place, in the hilly part of Lake Garda, in the Chiaretto del Garda area. A century ago this territory was "discovered" by Pompeo Molmenti (a man of culture and senator of the kingdom of Italy), the first to seek the production of Rosé in this area.

The company is small, led by Enrico di Martino, a young agronomist who returned home after touring Europe and today makes totally organic wine in the 6 hectares of vineyard. One of the company's strong points is its respect for the environment and the desire to make wines without ever exaggerating with sulfur...

Bruno Verdi , Canneto Pavese (PV)

Here we are in Oltrepò Pavese. The company has been managed by Paolo Verdi for more than 30 years, in the Vergomberra area, in the Canneto Pavese area. Today's generation is the fourth generation of farmers, who cultivate a small family vineyard, the true heart of all the company's activities, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Oltrepò.

Paolo is a passionate winemaker, who has inherited his father's legacy and has been able to make the most of it. Climbing on the reliefs sculpted by the Scuropasso and Versa streams, in the first hilly area, its vineyards produce grapes and therefore wines of exceptional quality.

Montonale , Conta (BS)

We are in Montonale, in Conta, on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Very suitable area, which is affected by the positive influence of the lake: many winds, Ora and Pelèr above all: the first blows from the south and the other comes down from the mountain. The Montonale vineyards are on this wind route, in one of the best areas of the territory, where the soil is calcareous and clayey. The family is historically a peasant family. The founder, Francesco Girelli, began tilling the first 2 hectares at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today three young brothers lead the company: Claudio (commercial and administrative), Valentino (agronomist) and Roberto, winemaker, who holds the reins of everything. Montonal, today, has 30 hectares of vineyards all around the modern cellar, built with rice straw walls which guarantee a healthy microclimate, while the photovoltaic system gives energy autonomy. With the Orestilla 2015 they won the award for the best single-variety white wine in the world Decanter: from there, the consecration of the company.

Corte Fusia , Coccaglio (BS)

We are in Coccaglio, in the province of Brescia, in the southern area of ​​Franciacorta. A seventeenth-century farmhouse, a courtyard, 7 hectares in Monte Orfano, two boys who gave life to a young Franciacorta reality.

Daniele is a winemaker while Gigi is an agronomist: such is their passion and desire to show all the particularities of a mythical territory. They grow Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Bianco on a 451 m hill, the only one in the Po Valley, which separates two sides. They take care of the vineyard and the work in the cellar obsessively and this is totally reflected in their wine. They are FIVI, independent winemakers.

The wines


Chiaretto Constellazioni - Cascina Belmonte

From the four classic grapes (groppella, barbera, sangiovese and marzemino) the most typical of the wines of the Brescia side of Lake Garda. The vinification is the classic one for Chiaretti, that is, it begins as a red wine and ends up as a white, with light contact with the skins, and then refinement in steel.

Floral aromas impose themselves on the nose, with some light notes of pomegranate, wild strawberry, peach and citrus hints. Great freshness and flavor in the mouth, for a very pleasant drink.

Pairing: it lends itself to many combinations, also based on serving temperatures. Appropriate for a starter, we propose a color combination with tuna tartare and olive oil from Lake Garda and lemon zest.

Italian Riesling - Bruno Verdi

From vineyards in the Oltrepò Pavese, near Montalto, which enjoy excellent exposure.

Fermentation at a controlled temperature in steel, it is a pleasantly smooth white, with high acidity, good color intensity, greenish reflections. The aromas are sweet, including white pulp fruit, such as peach and red apple, and white flowers such as acacia. In the mouth it is lively, fruity and harmonious, inviting for a second glass (and even a third...).

Pairings: certainly recommended as an aperitif but also to be tried in combination with pea cream soup, tempura calamari and mandarin.

Montunal Lugana - Montonale

100% Turbiana grapes meticulously selected in the vineyard; bunches pressed softly in the absence of oxygen. The free-run must is then processed in stainless steel, matures for 6 months on noble lees with constant batonnage and refinement in the bottle. Very fruity and floral aromas, white pulp fruit, lemon peel, slightly balsamic notes, aromatic herbs such as sage; in the mouth it has a beautiful balance, flavor and freshness and great persistence.

Pairings: perfect with fish, try it with lake fish. We offer you a whitefish fillet in a sesame crust on a bed of balsamic herb chlorophyll.


Stramonia - Cascina Belmonte

The name derives from a wild herb, used in the Middle Ages to prepare truth filters.

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vinified in steel and aged in barrique for 12 months. The grapes are harvested slightly overripe, a small part is dried in the attic for 3 weeks and the remainder is pressed fresh.

This is a red rich in structure, which lends itself to long refinements in the bottle.

Wine with a concentrated color, with good intensity and coloring tone. The aromas are classic: cherry, red fruit, plum, small red fruit jam, sweet notes of vanilla and then spices, aromatic and balsamic herbs. In the mouth it has a beautiful softness, and is enveloping, the tannin is noble and the nice finish of aromatic herbs.

Pairings: perfect with structured dishes such as a nice roasted veal fillet with porcini cream and mint or to try with the Brescian spit, a typical dish of the area.

Barbera Campo del Marrone - Bruno Verdi

100% Barbera from a vineyard 200 meters above sea level, with beautiful exposure and a 40% slope. The process is classic: alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature in oak vats and concrete tanks, malolactic fermentation carried out upon transfer to 5 hectoliter oak barrels (partly new and partly used), for a total of 12 months of refinement.

Ruby with violet reflections (can still ripen), small red fruits, plum, cherry, aromas of violets, leather, tobacco, lots of spice (black pepper); In the mouth you can feel the beautiful acidity of the Barbera, the sip is very tasty and well balanced.

Pairings: pigeon, hazelnut cream and potato chips.

Franciacorta Brut - Corte Fusia

70% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Bianco, from fluvio-glacial vineyards, grown in the municipality of Coccaglio. Production is very small (only 15,000 bottles per year) and the yield is very low: around 55 hectoliters per hectare. Fermentation in steel, assembly of the cuvée in March, and then over 18 months of refinement; the residual sugar is less than 1 gram per litre.

Graceful and expressive perlage , fine and persistent, amplifies the brightness giving a particular shine. Heady aromas, intensely citrus with sweet floral notes. In the mouth there is immediate acidity, good structure and nice length: a precise and vigorous Brut.

Pairings: chopped scampi, legume puree and Calvisius caviar.

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