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The April selections - shades of Friulano

Friuli Venezia Giulia vino

APRIL WINE BOX: FRIULANO, SHADES OF A UNIQUE LAND (Stage 13), selected by FISAR of Udine - April 2019


In Friuli Venezia Giulia coexist social wineries, large and well-known wineries and many other small companies that passionately care for and cultivate their vineyards. Obiz belongs to this third category.

A few kilometers from the sea, it is one of the most dynamic realities of the coast and has vineyards divided into different parcels, with many different soils, including medium-textured clays, more or less permeable soils and fine sands. Obiz manages its 40 hectares of vineyards in compliance with environmental protection and safeguarding , applying integrated pest control at full capacity. Managed since its foundation by Yunmani Bergamasco, Obiz has set itself the mission of enhancing the native Friulian vines such as Ribolla Gialla, Friulano and Malvasia (white grape variety), Refosco dal peduncolo rosso for the red grapes. It produces wines with frank and immediate aromas, well balanced and pleasantly harmonious, which conquer for their freshness and savory notes that recall the sea.

The Magredi / Ca' Ronesca

The Tombacco family cellar is located in the westernmost part of the Friulian plain where there is lean land, poor in water, rich in stones and very permeable . Founded at the end of the 1960s, the company is one of the main production companies in these areas, with modern winemaking systems and excellent hospitality. For two years the property has also managed Ca' Ronesca, a company located in the Collio DOC area. This estate extends along the border with Slovenia and is one of the most beautiful for the panorama it offers.

The I Magredi wines are fresh, ready to drink, balanced with pleasant hints on the nose, those of Ca' Ronesca present themselves on the palate with more important structures, with fullness in the mouth and more refined and prolonged persistence.

La Sclusa

The hilly landscapes have always held great charm: gentle slopes carefully cultivated with terraces for vines, which end in the Friulian plain, crossed by rivers. This is the landscape of Spessa di Cividale, where the La Sclusa company is located. Typical winery managed entirely by the family, the Zorzettigs are one of the historic families of the area. The company's wines are the most real and truthful expression of this corner of Colli Orientali del Friuli. Fresh, harmonious and elegant whites and full-bodied, well-balanced reds that also lend themselves well to ageing. In addition to the wines, the hospitality in the cellar is also excellent.


Friulano DOC Friuli 2018 – Obiz

With limited yields per hectare, below the maximum limits set by the production specifications, the Friulano grapes are harvested in the early hours of the day and the vinification is done entirely in steel.

This wine has a beautiful straw yellow color. When smelling, it is initially shy, which creates a certain curiosity. Elegant and pleasantly frank, it has hints of fruit and flowers and surprises with its pleasant flavour. On the palate it is intense and persistent, with hints of almond and a soft and deep finish.

Pairing: to combine with cold fish appetizers and Asian cuisine.

Friulano Friuli DOC Grave – I Magredi

We are in the heart of the DOC Grave del Friuli, here the I Magredi company is recognized as one of the most enterprising in the Pordenone plain; offers a range of young wines, usually vintage and ready to drink.

The Friulian DOC Friuli grapes reach maturity around mid-September, are destemmed and pressed with very rapid procedures to preserve their health, then vinified at a controlled temperature in steel tanks.

With a straw yellow colour, this wine presents itself on the nose with pleasant fruity notes reminiscent of yellow peach and almond. Of pleasant intensity, it envelops the palate with a velvety softness.

Pairing: ideal with San Daniele ham, scallops au gratin, grilled prawns but also with vegetarian dishes.

Friulano DOC Friuli Colli Orientali , La Sclusa

Friulano is certainly one of the most identifying wines of the La Sclusa company, very attached to the regional winemaking tradition.

The grapes are harvested by hand, immediately destemmed and the must processed completely cold. Fermentation and refinement in steel allow the exaltation of all the aromatic components of the vine. On the nose, flowers, dried fruit and anise (but also light vegetal hints) for an elegant and savory sip, very pleasant and persistent.

Pairing: perfect with natural or marinated trout fillets.


White Natissa 2017 – Obiz

Natissa declares from its name the strong link with the territory: once this river was an important route that crossed the city of Aquileia and brought Roman ships to the Adriatic (today sea birds nest along its course...) .

Natissa vintage 2017 is a blend composed of two native varieties of the region: Friulano and Istrian Malvasia vinified separately; the Friulian is aged in steel, the Malvasia in wooden vats for about 3 months. Subsequently the two wines are assembled and bottled.

Of a beautiful deep straw yellow with golden reflections; the nose is complex and rich in aromas ranging from ripe fruit to broom flowers to light spicy notes. On the palate it is very pleasant, well balanced, full-bodied and with a finish that invites you to the next sip.

Pairing: a wine that excellently accompanies fish starters, even elaborate ones, creamed risottos and baked fish.

Friulano – Ca' Ronesca

The Ca' Ronesca vineyards embellish the rolling hills close to the Italian-Slovenian border in the municipality of Dolegna del Collio. These soils, rich in various sediments including marl and sandstone, give the wines body and structure, strong character and good personality.

In the glass it has a beautiful straw yellow color with greenish reflections, bright and smooth. The bouquet reveals a wine in which the fruity notes of medlar and ripe golden apple stand out. Pleasant mineral scents complete the scent, making it fine and elegant. The taste is dry, full-bodied, harmonious and balanced. The characteristic almond notes enhance the typicality of this vine, so strongly linked to the Friulian territory.

Pairing: excellent as an aperitif, Friulano Ca' Ronesca pairs well with baked or marinated fish dishes and with not too mature Montasio cheese.

Friulano DOC Friuli Colli Orientali 12 Viti , La Sclusa

12 Viti is the name of this Friulano whose grapes are obtained from 12 clones of ancient vineyards recovered by the Zorzettig family. These vines represent at best the typicality and peculiarities of this vine grown in the hills of Spessa di Cividale. It is truly a wine that embodies all the tradition of these lands (here still recognized as Tocai Friulano). Harvested manually, it is vinified in stainless steel barrels at a controlled temperature and remains on the noble lees until the summer period, when it is bottled.

In the glass it presents a beautiful intense straw yellow with greenish reflections. It immediately releases fruity notes, where the almond stands out, and is intense and persistent. On the palate it is pleasant, full-bodied and well balanced. A wine that conquers with its roundness and persistence.

Pairing: perfect as an aperitif, it elegantly accompanies vegetable dishes, velvety dishes and white meats.

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