10 wine news from the world: October 2023

10 notizie sul vino dal mondo: ottobre 2023

What happened in October 2023 in the global wine world? Here are the 10 wine news that every winelover should know, to always keep up.

November 2023 wine news you need to know.

1. Italy

Over 300,000 liters of irregular wine have been seized in an operation to combat the trade of counterfeit or non-compliant wine products. In particular, two companies in the province of Bologna have suffered harsh sanctions. The operation aims to target "winery crafty" people who try to evade wine industry regulations. The authorities conducted an investigation which led to the seizure of a significant quantity of wine of questionable origin or quality, highlighting the importance of ensuring legality and quality in wine products. Overall, the Carabinieri operation led to the seizure of over 300 thousand liters of product in fermentation or already transformed into wine: a value of approximately 11 million euros.

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Alessio Planeta was named Winemaker of the Year at the Wine Star Awards. This prestigious award recognizes his outstanding contribution to the wine industry. Alessio Planeta is known for his work in the family business, Planeta Winery, and for his dedication to producing high-quality wines in Sicily.

2. France

Bad news. A study has found that, in France, children living near large vineyards have a higher risk of developing leukemia. The investigation highlighted a possible correlation between exposure to pesticides used in viticulture and the onset of the disease in children. This discovery raises major public health concerns and calls for tighter controls in the use of pesticides.

You can read the news here , for example.

A wine merchant in France has been the victim of fraud: three fraudsters have been arrested in connection with a scam involving 18 bottles of Petrus and two bottles of Champagne, worth €95,000. They had been paid using counterfeit banknotes .

3. Champagne

Brad Pitt has made a new rosé Champagne, "Fleur de Miraval", more accessible. It is produced in collaboration with the famous Champagne producer Rodolphe Péters. This is a cheaper version of the Miraval Champagne range, which Pitt co-owns with Angelina Jolie.

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Champagne Louis Roederer has threatened to file a lawsuit against a British producer of "Cristal Sparkling Wine" for the use of the term "Cristal", which is known to be associated with the French champagne brand Cristal. The French company claims that use of the name could cause confusion among consumers and damage the reputation of their brand.

4. Jura

Thieves stole grapes during the harvest in some vineyards in Jura, France. Several local wine producers were affected, causing damage to their crops and wine production. The vignerons are understandably irritated.

5. Bordeaux

In the Bordeaux area, arrests were made for the exploitation of migrant labor and also for the employment of a minor during the grape harvest.

6. United States

The 2023 American Pinot Noir harvest was unusual. In some areas of the United States the harvest had not yet finished at the end of October. The amount of rain was higher than expected, creating uncertainty about the ripening of the grapes. Luckily the quality seems to be exceptional.

7. Australia

Treasury Wine Estates, an Australian wine company, announced the acquisition of Daou Vineyards for $900 million. This move represents a major investment in the wine industry: Daou Vineyards is renowned for producing high-quality wines in the Paso Robles, California region. Treasury Wine Estates wants to expand globally and grow its presence in key wine markets.

8. South Africa

South African wines are one to watch: There is growing interest in South African wines on the international market. The South African wine industry has made significant progress in producing quality wines, with sustainability choices and innovative winemaking practices.

9. Mexico

Entrepreneurs in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, are working to improve the "Wine Route" also in terms of cleaning the environment. It is a popular wine tourism route, cleaned by winemakers.

10. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Who would have thought? There is some success for Bosnian wines on the global stage. Bosnia and Herzegovina has in fact begun to gain international recognition for the quality of its wines, both red and white. Experts are starting to appreciate the country's native varieties and terroirs, distinctive elements that contribute to success.

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