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Wine Boxes: what they are and how to choose

Wine Box: cosa sono e come scegliere

Wine Boxes: what they are and how to choose them


We welcome you on a fascinating journey into the world of wine boxes , where we will discover together what these "wine boxes" are and how you can select the best ones based on your needs, your tastes and your preferences.

For those of us who love wine, wine boxes are a truly exciting opportunity to explore the world of wine without having to deal with the complexity of choices in the cellar or in specialized shops.

They are truly magical treasure chests full of bottles of wine from niche wineries and fascinating wine regions. In this article we will guide you through every aspect of wine boxes, so that you can get the best out of them: from choices for beginners new to the world of wine to selections for wine enthusiasts and industry experts.

Because remember: there is a perfect wine box for everyone, it's just a matter of finding out which one is best suited to you .

What types of Wine Boxes are there?

Choosing a Wine Box is not so simple, since there is truly an embarrassment of choice on the market.

Generally, wine boxes are divided based on the frequency of delivery ( subscription wine boxes , with variable reception, or single wine boxes ).

But the most important thing is what's inside the wine boxes, which can contain different selections of labels (wine boxes from a single winery, thematic wine boxes , wine boxes chosen by a sommelier or surprise wine boxes ).

There are so many wine boxes available that it is tempting to order them all

Wine Box by subscription

Subscription wine boxes are one of the most popular options among wine enthusiasts. This is a service that allows you to regularly receive a selection of bottles of wine directly to your home. Those who subscribe receive a box with new bottles, real wine discoveries every month or according to their preferred frequency.

This approach offers a number of advantages:

  • Convenience : Receiving the wine at home eliminates the need to physically go to a store.
  • Discover new wines : Subscription wine boxes offer the opportunity to discover wines from different wine regions and wineries.
  • Variety : Each box contains different wines, ensuring a wide range of aromas and flavors.
  • Growing your knowledge : Receiving wine regularly at home contributes to the education of your palate, allowing you to learn more about grape varieties, cellars and territories with practice, which is the best method.

This type of wine box usually works through a monthly or annual subscription , giving wine enthusiasts the opportunity to maintain a constant supply of quality wine, while also giving them the opportunity to keep a few bottles in the cellar to refine over time.

Single wine boxes

Single wine boxes represent an alternative for those looking for flexibility in purchasing wine. Unlike subscriptions, with single wine boxes you purchase one or more selections, not by subscription, i.e. without signing up for a subscription. This option is ideal for those who want to buy wine occasionally, as a gift or to try .

Single wine boxes usually contain a selection of specific wines, such as those from a particular winery, or based on a theme, or from a specific wine region . The versatility of single wine boxes makes them a perfect choice for a variety of situations, adapting to the most diverse needs and special occasions.

Wine Box of a cellar

The wine boxes curated directly by a winery represent an authentic immersion in the world of wine. They offer wines from a cellar, allowing you to discover the authenticity, techniques, choices and particularity of the winemakers and their unique products. Wine lovers appreciate these wine boxes for the possibility of discovering the special characteristics of the wines produced by a specific winery , possibly special and of high quality.

This type of wine box is ideal for those who want to fully explore the production of a particular winery and appreciate its winemaking philosophy . This experience allows you to acquire detailed knowledge of the wines and techniques used by the chosen winery.

Wine Boxes chosen by a sommelier

Sommelier-selected wine boxes are an exceptional option for wine enthusiasts who want expert guidance in choosing which bottle to uncork.

If you choose a wine box curated by a sommelier you must expect:

  • High-quality selection : The sommeliers are long-standing wine experts and know the cellars, grape varieties and territories inside out, which allows them to find unique gems and select high-quality wines, guaranteeing you an exceptional tasting experience.
  • Expert advice : In addition to the wine selection, wine boxes signed by sommeliers can be accompanied by tasting notes and suggestions for pairing with food.
  • Oenology and wine education : These wine boxes signed by experts offer an opportunity for those who love wine to learn more about it through the expertise of those who have made it a real life choice.

Choosing a wine box curated by a sommelier is a fantastic way to enrich your wine experience and discover new wine treasures that you wouldn't know about without expert advice.

Thematic Wine Boxes

Thematic wine boxes add a touch of adventure and discovery to the wine tasting experience. These boxes are curated based on specific themes, such as particular wine regions, specific grape varieties, or special occasions. This thematic variety offers those who choose them a unique opportunity to explore the world of wine in different ways:

  • Specific wine regions : Some themed wine boxes can focus on a particular wine region, allowing you to discover the characteristic wines of that specific area, understanding the relationship between terroir, soils, grapes and winemakers.
  • Specific Grape Varieties : Other wine boxes may highlight a specific grape variety, allowing you to explore the different wines produced in different places with that variety.
  • Special Occasions : Themed wine boxes can be suitable for special occasions such as holidays or special celebrations.

These wine boxes are ideal for those who want a tasting experience focused on one aspect of the world of wine or have specific needs.

Surprise Wine Box

Surprise wine boxes add an element of mystery and surprise to the wine tasting experience. These boxes with various wines are curated to offer a diverse and unexpected selection of wines, without knowing in advance which bottles will be included.

The surprise wine boxes offer:

  • Tasting adventure : Not knowing what to expect, those who receive a surprise selection of wines can experiment with new tastes, styles and previously unseen wine profiles that they perhaps wouldn't choose on their own.
  • Variety and diversity : Surprise wine boxes contain wines from different regions and grape varieties, offering a great range of styles.
  • Continuous surprise : These wine boxes are suitable for those who love the surprise effect and want it with every shipment, to uncork a new and unique wine every time.

Surprise wine boxes are perfect for those who want an adventurous and particularly varied tasting experience, without necessarily having to choose and limit themselves to a specific selection of wines.

What are the advantages of a Wine Box?

Subscribing to a wine box (literally "wine box" in Italian) has become an increasingly interesting option for wine lovers all over the world. Wine boxes offer a number of benefits that make them a convenient and popular option for wine tasting.

In this section, we will explore its main benefits.

1. Convenience

One of the main reasons people choose wine boxes is convenience . By purchasing a wine box, the wine is delivered directly to your home, without the need to go to a cellar or wine shop, saving precious time. This convenience is especially appreciated by busy people or those who live in remote areas, where access to quality wine may be limited.

2. Discovery of new wines

If the wine boxes are not from a single winery they contain different bottle selections in each shipment . This offers consumers the opportunity to discover new wines and varieties, even those they have never tried.

It really is an excellent way to broaden your winemaking horizons and experience a wide range of flavors with gems from all over the world. Do you love wine? Then you know what exploring and discovering new labels means: wine boxes offer all this in a safe and convenient experience.

3. Tasting experience without any stress

Wine tasting should always be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. With wine boxes, wine lovers can enjoy a selection of bottles curated for them, without having to worry about choosing from a myriad of options at a wine shop.

The best wine boxes include tasting notes thanks to expert guides who provide detailed information on each label, helping enthusiasts and enthusiasts to better understand what they are tasting, to fully enjoy it.

4. Variety and Diversity of labels

Especially in Italy and France, the wine heritage is exceptional and vast. The wine boxes therefore offer a vast variety of wines, being able to draw on many wineries to compose ever-changing selections. Each box can contain wines from different wine regions, wineries and grape varieties because each territory offers unique wines. This variety and richness ensures that there is never boredom in the tasting and that each shipment is an opportunity to experiment with new styles, flavors and combinations. Wine enthusiasts who want an ever-wider range of wines will love the possibilities offered by wine boxes delivered directly to their home.

5. Increase your knowledge about wine

Wine boxes can contribute significantly to your wine education and make you a truly expert person because continuous and curious tasting is everything. The tasting notes and information provided with each expedition on the winery, vines and territory allow you to learn more about the wine , from its characteristics to production techniques. This growth in knowledge enriches the tasting experience and helps people become more informed.

The convenience of receiving the wine box directly at home is a strong motivation for many wine enthusiasts

How to choose a Wine Box?

Choosing your ideal wine box requires some attention, as the offer of these products is vast and diversified. Selecting the right wine box depends on the buyer's personal preferences, experience and goal.

Here are some guidelines on how to make the right choice:

Wine Box for wine novices

Are you entering the world of wine and want to start your winemaking journey with wine boxes? Don't worry, we are here to help you make the right choice and make this experience exciting and stress-free. Here are some tips on how to start your wine journey:

  1. Start with classic varieties : Opt for wine boxes that include common grape varieties, to hone your knowledge of the great classics. Then try international grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines offer a great starting point for newbies.
  2. Look for detailed tasting notes : Choose wine boxes that include detailed descriptions of the wines: tasting notes help you better understand the flavors and aromas of what you taste.
  3. Explore selections for those new to the world of wine : Some companies offer wine boxes specifically designed for novice enthusiasts. These wine boxes can be a great starting point to start understanding more.
  4. Let yourself be guided : if you don't yet have much experience in the world of wine, choose a Win Box curated by a sommelier to guarantee you receive high quality labels.

A perfect Wine Box for you is the Enthusiastic Wine Box .

Wine Box for wine enthusiasts

If you are a wine enthusiast with a specific interest and in-depth knowledge, choosing a wine box tailored for you becomes a must, for a personalized and rewarding experience.

Here's how you can select the perfect wine box to suit your preferences and interests:

  1. Choose by region of production : If you have a preference for a particular wine region, either because you know it well or because you know nothing about it, look for wine boxes that focus on that region. An example? Tuscany's wine boxes offer a variety of wines of the highest quality.

  2. Consider the grape variety : If you have a favorite grape variety, such as Pinot Noir or Syrah, look for wine noxes that focus on that specific variety.

  3. Explore Thematic Options : Some wine boxes offer wine selections based on specific themes, such as organic selections or wines to pair with sweets and desserts. These sophisticated options are able to satisfy your preferences.

If you find yourself in this description then the Appassionato Wine Box is perfect for you.

Wine box for wine experts

If you are a wine expert, have a refined palate and are looking for sophisticated wine experiences, here's how you can find the ideal wine boxes to meet your high expectations:

  1. Choose sommelier-curated selections : The sommelier-curated wine boxes offer high-quality wines and include in-depth and detailed tasting notes, with curiosities and pairings.

  2. Look for selections from famous wineries : Some wine boxes include wines from renowned wineries or high-class wine producers.

  3. Store wines : Some wine boxes are designed to build your own cellar and therefore also include bottles that can be aged over time, to obtain maximum complexity and quality from the wines.

The Esperto Wine Box is certainly the most suitable for you.

Wine Gift Box

When it comes to giving a wine box as a gift, the goal is to make the experience memorable and meaningful for the recipient.

Here's how you can make a choice that touches the heart and satisfies the individual tastes of members, friends, family or acquaintances:

  1. Find out the recipient's tastes : To make the gift truly special, it is essential to know the recipient's tastes. Try to understand what types of wine he prefers. He could be a fan of red wines, a lover of whites or, even, particularly in love with sparkling wines. If you can, try to identify his regional preferences too.

  2. Choose based on the occasion : Every occasion deserves a special and personalized gift. Depending on the occasion ( weddings, birthdays, anniversaries...) you can give different themed wine boxes. If you want to give wine selections as gifts for a particular occasion, look for wine boxes that are in tune with the reason for your gift. Quality bubbles are perfect for celebrating weddings, or important red wines for celebrating important birthdays or special anniversaries.

  3. Consider your budget : Giving a wine box as a gift doesn't have to be expensive. It's important to choose a wine box that fits your budget. Make sure the price is reasonable and represents significant value to the recipient. You don't have to spend a fortune to make a gift appreciated: there are options for all budgets, from premium wine boxes to more affordable ones.

Here is a perfect gift Wine Box for any occasion.

Who invented Wine Boxes?

Wine boxes are becoming an increasingly popular innovative solution among wine enthusiasts. This idea was born already in the early Seventies in the United States but digitalization has seen a significant diffusion of this model. Over the past decade, wine boxes have experienced exponential growth, with numerous specialist companies offering a wide range of options.

These wine boxes are prized for their convenience , educational potential and their use as gifts for wine lovers . The wine box industry continues to innovate and expand, making the wine tasting experience ever newer and more exciting. The history of wine boxes is still evolving but their future looks promising, with more and more wine enthusiasts adopting them to explore the world of wine in an innovative and compelling way.

The Wine Boxes in Italy

Wine boxes have gained considerable popularity in Italy in recent years, with growing demand from wine lovers looking to discover and enjoy a wide range of wines from different wine regions across the country. This trend is in line with Italians' enthusiasm for wine, which is deeply rooted in the country's culture.

In the Italian wine box market, some companies stand out for the excellence of their offerings. Here is an overview of three leading companies operating in this sector:

  1. Sommelier Wine Box : Sommelier Wine Box is an Italian company specializing in high quality wine boxes. The company collaborates with expert sommeliers to select the best bottles of wine from niche wineries throughout Italy. Each wine box offers a unique food and wine journey, with bottles that tell the story of selected niche wineries, from wine regions around the world. The Sommelier Wine Box wine boxes are appreciated for their attention to detail and the artisanal approach to wine selection. In addition to selling wine boxes, the company also offers guided tasting experiences, allowing customers to deepen their knowledge of Italian wine.

  2. WineMan : WineMan is another Italian company that has gained notoriety in the wine box industry. It focuses on selecting wines from small, family-run wineries in France.

  3. VinClick : VinCLick is an online wine shop that also offers wine boxes selected from the products in the catalogue. Subscribers can choose between different options, based on the quality of the wines contained and, obviously, based on the price range.


Wine boxes are a smart and innovative solution for those who love to drink well: they offer a unique opportunity to explore the vast universe of wine, discover new flavors and styles, as well as enrich your wine knowledge.

Whether you want to share these experiences with friends and family or simply deepen your personal passion for wine and enrich your cellar by bringing great wines to dinner, wine boxes are an exciting and convenient option.

Are you ready to start your personal wine journey through discovering the world of wine in Italy and beyond? It begins now!

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