Consumer trends in the kitchen: we talk about it with Marine Faurie

Trend di consumo in cucina: ne parliamo con Marine Faurie

Food, eco-sustainability in the kitchen and new consumer trends in Italy: we talked about it with Marine Faurie, Managing Director & CMO ofHelloFresh Italia, just landed in Italy.

Four questions to Marine Faurie, HelloFresh Italia .

HelloFresh was born in 2011 in Germany. What are the values ​​behind your service?

HelloFresh's goal is to transform the way people eat , making the consumption of healthy, quality and at the same time sustainable dishes fully accessible, in terms of cost and convenience.

Environmental sustainability is increasingly a topic of the present: how did it enter your service?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at HelloFresh, both in terms of carbon emissions and food waste. We carefully select our suppliers, favoring local producers and farmers who use sustainable practices, respecting animals, marine resources and terrestrial ecosystems.

The ingredients are always fresh and seasonal, thanks to the short supply chain that directly connects local producers to the end customer, allowing us to maintain not only the maximum freshness and quality of the food, but also to drastically reduce food waste as well as the CO2 emissions that they instead occur in the 'traditional' supply chain. Thanks to HelloFresh, families also reduce their food waste, wasting 21% less food by weight when cooking with HelloFresh, compared to the traditional process of preparing meals at home because the ingredients are provided in the right quantities based on the order. This way no ingredient is wasted and the planet thanks us.

At the same time, we are the first zero-emission recipe kit company: in fact, we are committed to both containing and offsetting all direct emissions caused by company activities, offices and deliveries. Additionally, the small amount of food that remains unsold is donated to local charities that help distribute food to communities in need. In Italy HelloFresh collaborates with the Lombardy Food Bank.

HelloFresh now distributes in 16 countries and has just landed in Italy. Are there any particular trends detectable based on the study of your customers' purchasing behavior?

The pandemic has given a boost to the food delivery sector, especially in the last year, and at the same time many Italians have rediscovered the desire to cook and the pleasure of being in front of the stove. These trends have certainly favored the introduction of the concept of recipe kits. Our customer base is very varied in both age and lifestyle (e.g. families, vegetarians).

What all our customers have in common is the need for a more practical and sustainable alternative to traditional shopping, which provides them with a wide range of "inspirational" and stimulating recipes that allow them to create always different meals on the spot, for the whole the family.

What differences in consumption are there between Italy and the other countries in which you operate? What are your favorite dishes at home and abroad?

Italy certainly stands out for its great attention to product quality and an exceptional culinary tradition. The richness of the gastronomic heritage is extraordinary, as are the demands and needs of consumers.

Our foreign customers love Italian recipes and our Italian customers love our international recipes! Everyone is satisfied!

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