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News from the world of wine: June 2022

Notizie dal mondo del vino: giugno 2022

What happened in June 2022 in the world of wine? Let's see together what we will remember this month for from the point of view of wine news around the world, at a time when we look at the vineyard with great attention and a certain concern linked to drought. Let's see what the seven things you need to know are.

Here are the 7 wine news of June 2022 to know.


The exceptional year we are experiencing in terms of water availability also impacts the world of vineyards, which suffers from a lack of water .

This is true throughout Italy , in France , in California but also elsewhere.


In Italy the number of wine consumers has increased in the last 10 years. In terms of per capita consumption, however, we are drinking less and less but always better. This is a real trend, attested for years, now confirmed by Istat data processed by the Observatory of the Italian Wine Union .

UIV research can be read here . The report is downloadable .

The news was widely reported and can be read about in various places, including here , here , here and here again.


The EPI group (an investment company owned and managed by Christofer Descours) acquires the Isole e Olena estate , a historic Tuscan winery in the Chianti Classico.

You can read about it on Doctor Wine .


Kurt Zalto, the producer of the best-known wine glasses among enthusiasts, was ousted from the company he founded following the entry of some investors. He then founded Josephine , a new brand that produces very high quality and extremely durable glasses: it seems that they never really break.

You can read about it on Wine Searcher , in English.


We continue to discuss the fate of alcohol-free wines, a phenomenon that has been present for some time but which has begun to make headway in the last two years, with growing curiosity on the part of enthusiasts. Time will also tell whether it will be a phenomenon that defines a consumption category or whether it should be framed in the residual spaces of pure curiosity.

In this piece , Jacopo Mazzeo interviews various producers and asks them how to actually produce a wine with low or no alcohol content on a technical level.


The type of experiences available on Airbnb is expanding, adding the "vineyards" category to the many others, effectively enriching over 100,000 destinations with experiences related to the vineyard and wine. Staying in the cellar, therefore, to live experiences all based on tasting and rural life.

You read about it in Food and Wine .


The future of wine and the influence of digital in the wine world were discussed at the “Act for Change” symposium organized by Vinexposium in Bordeaux.

You can read about it here .

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