febbraio del vino

News from the world of wine: February 2022

Notizie dal mondo del vino: febbraio 2022

February 2022 opened with optimism, among some legislative discussions that closed with the results desired by sector workers (both in Italy and at a European level). The end of the month, however, is already all in the tone of war.

Let's see what happened this February 2022 in the world of wine.


In February the Italian Parliament brought forward the discussion on organic farming : also at the request of the scientific community, the Chamber of Deputies eliminated the legislative equivalence with the biodynamic one from the bill (biological farming bill).

Among many, he writes about them Il Sole 24 Ore . And one point can be read on Posts .


The vast European anti-cancer action plan promoted by the special commission of the European Parliament "Beca" has agitated the world of wine and beer, concerned about the indication on the label of special warnings on health risks due to the link between consumption of alcohol and the onset of cancer.

The Italian agri-food sector rose up forcefully and the amendments presented by some MEPs who asked that the plan specify that there is a difference between harmful and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages were passed. The European Parliament has essentially closed the possibility of indicating warnings on the label similar to those on cigarettes. The area of ​​discussion was precisely the valorisation of difference between use and abuse .

Among many, we are happy about it FIVI , they write about it Europa Today and Vanity Fair , while (in English) it lines everything up nicely Decanters .


Among the experts, the attachment to a regulation visibly out of time by the Italian Sommelier Foundation, a regulation which provides for only one uniform for women: the one with the skirt .

Her story was told by Nicole Hesslink, who he asked the FIS information on the reason for the obligation and has seen aesthetic reasons invoked (sic). After asking to initiate formal action that would allow the rule to be reconsidered, she was shown to the door. Laura Donadoni gave resonance to the story in her IG profile .

The news was reported by Intravino And Linkiesta Gastronomika and Republic .

We need to work better on giving clear evidence of the identity [name plus surname] of Nicole Hesslink who raised the case .


The world of wine opens up to NFTs ("Non Fungible Tokens"), tools created to provide a unique digital identity to collectibles, in particular to ascertain their authenticity and ownership. This opportunity is starting to be seized by the world of wine, especially in relation to particularly valuable bottles and collectibles.

He writes about this and other - first - responses from the wine world to today's digital innovations Il Sole 24 Ore .


AND died suddenly Franz Haas , a well-known South Tyrolean producer who has experimented a lot, especially with respect to Pinot Noir.

In February he missed Antonio Tomacelli , founder and director of Intravino , who writes a heartfelt collective memory of it.


They also continue in February forecasts for 2022 , which especially at the beginning of the month continued to see a certain optimism for exports of Italian wine, also thanks to the relative stability achieved in the West in the fight against the pandemic.

Great concerns , however, for production and for sharp price increases .

Looking towards the long term, making wine will increasingly tend to be a heroic practice: one clarifies this study by the University of Padua , coordinated by prof. Paolo Tarolli.


As expected, the war between Russia and Ukraine will have also effects on exports of Italian wine. The analysis of the Uiv-Vinitaly Observatory on a customs basis it makes forecasts in relation to both countries, Italy being the main supplier of wine to both.

The first signs are already clear, judging by the queues of trucks at the border between Latvia and Russia, with significant quantities of goods not collected at customs.

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