Complete Guide to Wine Events in Italy in November 2023

wine event november 2023

The month of November 2023 is full of opportunities for wine lovers in Italy. In this complete guide, we will take you through a selection of the most interesting events dedicated to the world of wine, from tasting delicious wines to internationally renowned food and wine fairs.

While the wine ages in the cellar, this is the perfect time to explore the flavors and winemaking traditions of the country. Get ready for a trip full of good wine and quality food and wine and don't miss any events.

Here is the Complete Guide to Wine Events in Italy in November 2023.

Wine events in November

November is an exciting time for wine enthusiasts, with extraordinary events taking place in different regions of Italy. From the coast to the hinterland, from Emilia Romagna to Sicily, there is something for all palates. Let's start with the "Merano Wine Festival" in Alto Adige, an internationally renowned event that offers a complete experience with tastings, exclusive dinners, workshops and much more.

If you are looking for wine markets, you will find "DiVino" in Mantua, with many Italian producers and a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The Wine2wine Business Forum in Verona offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops to gain knowledge and skills in the world of wine. It's the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into market trends, marketing, wine tourism and more.

There are also lesser-known events such as "The Wine Revolution" in Sestri Levante, for those who gravitate towards Liguria. This event celebrates the revolution brought about by natural practices, forgotten grape varieties and new distributions in the world of wine. It's an opportunity to meet the pioneers of this change and discover hidden gems.

Here is the list of wine events in Italy in November 2023 presented in chronological order, with the basic information you need to know:

1. SCENT OF MUST (Avellino, Campania)

- Date: November 1, 2023

- “Farmer's” lunch with Irpinia foods and wines

- Cost: from 35

- Must aromas

2. CASSINO IN WINE (Lazio, Cassino)

- Date: 3-5 November 2023

- Cost: Starting from €10

- Info: Cassino in Vino 2023

3. NATIONAL WINE FAIR - Bologna in Vino (Emilia Romagna, Bologna)

- Date: 3-5 November 2023

- Cost: Starting from €12

- Info: Bologna in Vino 2023

4. MERANO WINE FESTIVAL (South Tyrol, Merano)

- Date: 3-7 November 2023

- Prestigious food and wine event dedicated to wine and gastronomy enthusiasts and industry experts. The event offers an intensive programme, including tastings, a food area, masterclasses, workshops, exclusive dinners, parties, conversations and a Champagne parade.

- Cost: Starting from €60

- Website: Merano Wine Festival

5. DIVINE MANTOVA (Lombardy, Gonzaga)

- Date: November 4-5

- This fair is held as part of the Millenary Fair and offers the opportunity to discover and appreciate a vast selection of Italian wines. Visitors can participate in tastings, special events and learn more about the world of wine through meetings with producers and experts.

- Cost: Starting from €10

- Website: DiVino Mantova

6. GOLOSARIA (Lombardy, Milan)

- Date: November 4-6

- Tradition is innovation" is the theme of the eighteenth edition of Golosaria Milano. Three days of the excellence of Italian agri-food, between historic producers and innovative start-ups.

- Cost: from €8

Site: Golosaria

7. WINE BETWEEN THE WALLS: APPASSIMENT (Avio, Trento, Trentino Alto Adige)

- Date: November 5, 2023

- Guided visits to the Castle of Avio, with tastings organized by the Cantina Sociale of Avio with tastings of the late harvest and insights related to the theme of withering.

- Wine within the walls


- Date: November 4-12

- Food and wine event of great importance in Italy: a festival that celebrates the end of the grape harvest and marks the beginning of a new wine year. The event takes place throughout Italy and offers participants the opportunity to explore wineries, taste wines, and immerse themselves in wine culture.

The cellars open their doors to the public, offering lunches, dinners, picnics among the vineyards, guided tours of the cellar, guided tastings, aperitifs at sunset, art exhibitions and other activities related to the world of wine. This celebration promotes food and wine tourism and offers a unique experience for lovers of wine and Italian culture.

- Site: Open Cellars


- Date: until November 12, 2023

- The initiative continues (started in October) with many events dedicated to Piedmontese wine and local producers: tastings in the cellar, visits to the vineyards, gourmet dinners among the barrels, picnics among the vineyards.

-Grapes in town


- Date: November 9-11

- Site: Excellence

11. SICILIAN WINE WEEKEND (Western Sicily, Alcamo)

- Date: November 9-12

- The "Sicilian Wine Weekend" will be held in Alcamo from 9 to 12 November, the event dedicated to the best wine productions of Western Sicily. A weekend dedicated to wine, cooking shows, moments of in-depth study, activities for the little ones.

Info: Sicilian Wine Weekend

12. BACK TO THE WINE (Veneto, Venice)

- Date: November 12-13

- Event dedicated to artisanal wines, a great opportunity for wine enthusiasts to discover new labels and meet the producers. Back to the Wine aims to celebrate the world of natural wine, small productions and labels that represent a return to the roots and winemaking tradition.

The event is an opportunity for those who want to explore quality wines and learn more about the artisanal production process. It is an ideal event for wine connoisseurs who seek new experiences and wish to support artisan wine producers.

- Cost: €30

- Site: Back to the wine

13. DURELLO & FRIENDS (Verona, Veneto)

- Date: 12-13 November 2023

- A weekend of signature bubbles around Durello

- Cost: from 25

- Durello and friends

14. AUGUSTA is WINE FAIR (Piedmont, Turin)

- Date: November 12-13

- Important event dedicated to the world of wine which takes place at the Turin Bunker, which offers the opportunity to discover a vast range of wine labels from different Italian and European regions, with around fifty quality producers.

- Cost: from €15

- Site: Augusta is the Wine Fair


- Date: November 13-14

- Annual event organized by Vinitaly and Veronafiere, which celebrates its 10th anniversary. Forum aimed primarily at professionals in the wine sector, offering a platform to share knowledge and delve deeper into crucial topics in the wine sector.

The event features over 70 seminars, masterclasses and workshops led by industry experts, covering topics such as new market trends, focus on specific markets, marketing strategies, wine tourism, innovation, diversity and sustainability in the world of wine.

- Cost: from €120 (plus VAT)

- Site: Wine2wine

16. OPEN DRYING (Serrapetrona, Macerata, Marche)

- Date: 12 and 19 November 2023

- On the two Sundays you can visit the cellars and the drying rooms, the places where the grapes are placed after the harvest to dry, arranged in boxes or hung, even from the ceiling, recalling distant customs. 15th edition.

- Open dryings

17. BENVENUTO BRUNELLO (Tuscany, Montalcino)

- Date: November 17-28

- An annual event dedicated to wine lovers and enthusiasts of Brunello di Montalcino, which celebrates the release of the new vintage of Brunello and other local designation of origin wines. The event is open to both the press and industry operators, but on some days wine enthusiasts are also offered the opportunity to participate.

- Cost: from €30

- Website: Benvenuto Brunello

18. TREVINO (Lombardy, Treviglio)

- Date: November 18-19

- Event dedicated to the world of wine which takes place in Treviglio, in Lombardy: wine market with various exhibitors from different Italian wine regions and tastings.

- Cost: €15

- Site: TreVino

19. WINE FAIR (Emilia Romagna, Piacenza)

- Date: November 18-20

- Food and wine event dedicated to the promotion and discovery of Italian wines, taking place in Piacenza, which brings together a wide range of wine producers from different Italian regions. Visitors have the opportunity to taste and purchase a selection of wines from various denominations, with the aim of enhancing Italian wine excellence.

- Cost: from €25

- Site: Wine Fair

20. WINES FROM EXTREME LANDS (Veneto, Mogliano Veneto)

- Date: November 18-20

- An event dedicated to heroic wines, those produced in extreme geographical and climatic conditions.

The event is held at Villa Braida, in Mogliano Veneto, in the province of Treviso. During the event, tastings, workshops and masterclasses by experts in the wine sector are organised. The aim is to tell the story of the wines but also of the challenges and hard work of the producers of wines from extreme lands. The founder of the movement is the sommelier Alvaro de Anna, who for Sommelier Wine Box has selected heroic wineries and winemakers to propose in the selection.

- Cost: from €10

- Site: Wines from extreme lands

21. THE WINE REVOLUTION (Liguria, Sestri Levante)

- Date: November 19-20

- An event that aims to capture the essence of the transformations that have occurred in the wine industry over the last 20 years. It is held in Sestri Levante, in the province of Genoa, in Liguria. It focuses on the transformations that have affected the world of wine, including the affirmation of natural practices, the rediscovery of forgotten vines and areas and new distributions. Meetings, show cooking, guided tours, tastings and other activities that allow participants to immerse themselves in the new trends of the wine world, with around seventy producers.

- Website: The wine revolution


- Date: November 20-21

- Site: Wine Biennial

23. THE EARTH TREMBLES - Fiera Feroce 2023 (Lombardy, Milan)

- Date: November 24-26

- La Terra Trema is an event that celebrates small quality productions (wine, beer, cider, spirits), in contrast to industrial production. It is a food fair that showcases artisan producers and local products. Tastings and meetings, concerts... with the possibility of purchasing.

- Cost: from €10

- Site: The earth trembles

24. INYCON IN MENFI (Sicily, Menfi)

- Date: November 24-26

- An event dedicated to the valorisation and promotion of Sicily's agricultural products: show cooking, meetings, guided tours and tastings.

- Site: Inycon

25. AUTUMN GLASSES (Ferrara, Emilia Romagna)

- Date: 24-26 November 2023

- Estense Castle (Ferrara) - Autumn Goblets: an event with tastings, masterclasses and music

- Cost: from 12

- Autumn glasses


- Date: November 25-27

- More than 1,000 Independent Winemakers for the 2023 Wine Market, FIVI producers, who cultivate their vineyards, vinify their grapes, bottle their wines and personally manage the sale of their products, under their own responsibility, with their own name and your own label. Market with sales, with meetings, for one of the most anticipated events in the wine world.

- Cost: from €25

- Site: FIVI Wine Market

27. BIBO FRIZZANTE - The Drinking Fair (Lazio, Rome)

- Date: November 26-27

- The event is dedicated to artisanal wines and a real party. The aim is to offer a direct experience to come into contact with interesting producers and taste genuine wines, with music and DJ sets. November 26th is open to everyone, 27th to sector operators.

- Cost: from €18

- Site: Bibo Potabile

To conclude

November is a month full of events for wine lovers.

With these options available across Italy in November 2023, winelovers have an abundance of events and activities to choose from. Regardless of your level of wine knowledge, these events offer the opportunity to discover new flavors, meet passionate producers and deepen your understanding of the world of wine.

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