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Everything you wanted to know about Molise wine

San Zenone

Molise has an ancient winemaking tradition and today it is growing in the national wine scene. It makes its voice heard above all for red wines, but not only, thanks to the work of passionate winemakers and the excellent quality of the local grapes. A small territory, a treasure chest of treasures and traditions.

Because the Molise of wine exists, of course.

1. Since when have grapes been grown in Molise?

Wine has been produced in Molise since the time of the Samnites, before the Romans.

2. How many hectares of vineyards are there today in Molise?

Over 6,000.

3. Where are the vineyards in Molise?

58% in the mountains, 42% in hilly areas.

4. What are the main reference areas for vine cultivation?

Wine in Molise is produced mainly in the Trigno and Biferno valleys.

5. What are the native vines of Molise?

The most important grape of Molise is the tintilia (black berry), an ancient Molise grape which over time risked disappearing and today is the symbol of the regional wine rebirth . From this grape we obtain Tintilia del Molise Rosso, Tintilia del Molise Rosato and Tintilia del Molise Rosso Riserva.

6. What are the denominations of Molise?

Molise has 4 excellent DOCs : Biferno DOC, Pentro DOC, Molise DOC and Tintilia del Molise DOC. However, there are two IGTs : Osco or Terra degli Osci IGT and Rotae IGT.

7. What goes well with Molise wines?

In search of local Chinese-wine pairings, it must be said that traditional Molise cuisine is extremely varied but meat reigns supreme, along with cheeses and truffles. Seafood cuisine is widespread along the coast... There are two DOPs in the region: Caciocavallo Silano DOP and Molise DOP extra virgin olive oil.

The second smallest region in Italy, Molise is a treasure chest of ancient traditions, guarded by stubborn and tenacious men. In May 2019 we discovered the Molise of wine thanks to six bottles selected by the legendary Carlo Pagano, the best sommelier in Abruzzo and Molise , in love with his land and the oenological fruits that it produces.

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