abbonamento vino

Oenological surprises

grappolo uva bianca

Who doesn't like surprises? Man was born to be surprised: our brain is constantly attracted by what changes, by unpredictable news, by the final twist that overturns everything and at the same time gives a new meaning to the entire novel. This also applies to wine.

Studies show that the intensity of emotions increases up to four times in the presence of a surprise effect , and this is true not only for those who receive them but also for those who thought and designed them with affection, whether it is an unexpected event or the amazement at the realization of a dream that had been in the drawer.

Positive emotions make the brain release endorphins, feel-good hormones that positively influence mood and have very beneficial effects on health!

Convinced that even wine surprises bring great happiness, we have designed the Sommelier Wine Box to surprise anyone who wants to be amazed every month with 3 different wines : we tell the stories and secrets of their producers about those wines, offering an unprecedented journey into the world of wine .

The journey is guided month by month by the best sommeliers in Italy, a different one for each stage, to bring home to enthusiasts the traditions, scents, colors and flavors of the yet to be discovered Italian wine territory.

A journey into the most authentic heart of Italian wine, perfect as a gift: for yourself or for those you love .

Do you want to discover niche wines from all over the world? Discover our subscription: expert sommeliers at your service to create personalized selections, based on your tastes.

And if you don't like the wines: we'll refund you!

If you've read this far, you're one of us!

So let's tell you a few words about Sommelier Wine Box

We create wine itineraries to discover extraordinary wines, territories and cellars, telling their stories and secrets.

There is no point in hiding, not all wines of the same price are the same , which is why we collaborate with great sommeliers to select only niche wineries and offer our customers the wines with the best quality/price on the market.