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What are wine clubs really?

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The wine subscription is among the trendiest subscriptions of the moment. Known, especially overseas, as a "wine club", it is also making its way in Europe. Let's see what they are and if they are really a good service for wine lovers.

Let's see what the main characteristics of wine clubs are.

What is a wine club , exactly?

The idea was born in the United States in 1972 : Paul Kalemkiarian – a brilliant Armenian pharmacist who emigrated to the United States and was passionate about wine here – created the Wine of the Month Club with which every month he offered his customers a white and a red, shipped home by post. The reason? He couldn't handle the amount of customers who went to the wine shop in person, looking for good wines for just a few dollars. The club is still active today, led by his son.

The American wine subscription model

Thanks to a company that has bet on the economy of long-term relationships , the wine club spreads quickly, provided by both wine shops and wineries, especially Californian ones. These services are now widespread in the United States, where there are various types. The classic model is the wine subscription that allows you to receive a variable number of bottles – a choice between reds, whites or a mix – every month, every 3 or every 6...

In recent years, wine clubs have been spreading in Europe - primarily the UK - but now also in Italy.

Wine club of the cellars

For producers, sending bottles directly to their customers' homes is a far-sighted activity, interpreted as a continuation of on-site activities - almost an appendix in the tasting room, if you like. Having your own wine club is very important for wineries to strengthen the brand, build customer loyalty, improve the company's performance... And storytelling is a key element of this.

Wine subscription: the customer's perspective

On the consumer side, the wine subscription box allows you to enjoy receiving bottles directly to your home on a regular basis . The type of options available ranges from the secret (or mystery) box (as in the case of our subscription , with different plans all personalized based on each individual's palate and needs) to the choice of the type of wines , the frequency of reception , up to the quantity of bottles to receive .

Furthermore, if the service is also combined with a classic sales channel, with wines in the catalogue, discounts and various benefits on e-commerce are usually also available to members. While in the case of wine clubs offered by wineries, other preferential treatments may be provided for members. Among these: participation in tastings and events, access to limited edition bottles, discounts to be used in the cellar, up to the possibility of keeping your own wine collection in the cellar itself.

The benefits of having a wine club

A wine club is more than just a wine subscription.

1. it means being able to have a regular supply of wines , directly at home

2. have bottles at affordable prices (bottles are often repurchased at a discount, as in the case of our subscription)

3. have access to information and insights on those bottles , thus being able to increase their wine knowledge

4. take part in a real community of people who share the same passion for the magical world of wine: to share opinions, comment on the bottles, give and receive suggestions on pairings...

5. in the case of wine clubs with the most innovative formula (beyond the pure and sacrosanct supply of wine) the value created by the variety of regions, producers and types of wines offered is very strong, while in the case of wine clubs offered by individual wineries there is more the idea of ​​enriching one's stocks with what is perhaps "the wine of the heart". We at Sommelier Wine Box fall into the first category and offer niche wines from all over the world.

Effects of wine subscriptions for the entire sector

Looking at a more general level, the wine club promotes the culture of wine , that of conscious tasting, creating "environments", physical or digital, of enthusiasts who love to be advised and surprised by discovering new bottles.

Those who join wine clubs are generally wine lovers willing to experiment without prejudice and to share. And this contributes to the progress of the entire wine ecosystem.

What are the features of wine subscriptions?

Selection : because the quality of the wines offered is fundamental. For this reason we rely on some of the best sommeliers around.

Storytelling and communication : because inside every bottle there is a world to tell and this is (also) what enthusiasts are looking for. So: history of the cellars, of the territories, tasting notes of the bottles.

Belonging : because being part of a wine club means sharing its values ​​and feeling part of a community whose values ​​we share.

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