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Identikit of wine women

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When we met her, Matilde Poggi - owner of the Le Fraghe winery - told us that in the 1980s she was among the few women in the front row in the world of wine. Today this is no longer the case and we can finally draw an identikit of the women who act as protagonists in the world of wine.

In the Italian wine sector, women represent over a third of the total: 115 thousand are the owners of wineries, and this figure is even more significant considering that it is a sudden change. In just a few years, women have gone from little-recognized or marginal roles to being undisputed protagonists in the world of wine.

Women have increasingly taken on management positions in the agricultural sector over the past 20 years, which has helped the sector weather the crisis. And not only for the resources invested but above all for the contribution of new, fresh and innovative ideas . The growing attention to detail in the world of wine is signed in pink, and the predilection for the world of relationships and communication is also characteristic of female-led companies.

But who are the women of wine today?


It has a very high level of education (well over half are graduates), is oriented towards experimentation and has a passion for quality.


She has an excellent education, plenty of determination, suspects she earns less than her male colleagues, and struggles to balance work and private life.


There are more and more of them, they buy a lot (especially among millennials), thus influencing market trends . They prefer wines with ethical value, they don't buy the label but look at wine as a tool to facilitate interpersonal relationships.

All this does not mean that there is still a long way to go for equality to be real and without flattening. Good signs come from Italy in this sense: unlike other parts of the world (such as Australia) women who work in the wine world tend to take other women as models rather than emulating the style of their male colleagues.

And we like this a lot.

If you are interested in the topic, we interviewed the president of the Women of Wine Association ⬇️

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