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DIGITALmeet 2018: new adventures on the horizon


DIGITALMeet 2018 (#DM18) ended yesterday, the Festival on digitalisation which, with over 150 meetings in 16 regions, involved the whole of Italy, from north to south.

Title: digital literacy for citizens and businesses. Subtitles: relaunching the economy, different scenarios of digital innovation, contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to the process; robotics, digital marketing, big data, blockchain, e-commerce. But we also talked about sport, cyberbullying, fake news, school, the challenges of today's museums, the new relationships between parents and children in the digital age. We at Sommelier Wine Box also took part, on Wednesday 17 October, participating in the event dedicated to the role of startups in the country's innovation process, in the setting of the beautiful Giacomelli palace in Treviso. The "call for ideas" brought together some startups selected by Digital Magics in the area, and gave each one the opportunity to present their business. The framework of the evening was set by Gianni Potti (founder of DIGITALmeet and President of the Comunica Foundation), who explained the reasons for the Festival. Marco Gay spoke about the incubation activity of Digital Magics of which he is CEO, Gabriele Ronchini (founder and CEO of Digital Magics) about digital innovation and market demand, Roberto Santolamazza (general manager of t2i) about soft skills as growth levers and Francesco Savino (CEO of Julia) of outsourcing. The heart of the event was the digital transformation of the country and each startup told what their contribution is: their work and daily challenges, including numbers, difficulties and dreams. It had the merit of bringing together different people: we talked, among other things, about software at the service of productivity and safety, about facilitating the life - at various levels - of companies and people, and about semantic intelligence. Luca Menato_DIGITALmeet18 In our pitch we told what we do and why, what our projects, aspirations, dreams and future projections of Sommelier Wine Box are. It was an important meeting (one of our first public outings) and a great opportunity for discussion, both with all those who, like us, carry forward a dream every day, and with those who, due to their skills and abilities, take on the great task of selecting and advise those who carry out potentially high-development activities. Sommelier Wine Box call for ideas Needless to say, it gives us immense pleasure to be the winners: it was a source of new enthusiasm, and not because this is a goal achieved, but because we believe that the resulting consultancy can give new life to the energy that we dedicate every day to this project. It will be a way to broaden our horizons and to learn from those who have more experience and different experiences from ours, to increasingly raise the bar of quality. Sommelier Wine Box DIGITALmeet18

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