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What is zoning? 6 point guide


Mapping, tracking, analyzing indicators, studying chemical compositions are commonplace topics, today with the special nuance between red, orange and yellow. But the division into zones has been known to viticulture for a long time. It's called "zoning" and let's see what it is, and why it's worth knowing, in 6 simple points.

What really is zoning in the vineyard? Here is a little guide, in 6 simple points.

1️⃣ What is zoning?

It means dividing wine-growing territories into zones : it is the outcome of operations aimed at mapping the territory to identify homogeneous areas within them. Homogeneous in terms of climate, soil composition, production capacity of the vines and consequent characteristics of the wine.

2️⃣ When did the first zoning experiments take place?

The first research aimed at starting to map the territory, identifying homogeneous areas on the basis of analytical data on soils and grapes began in Italy as early as the end of the nineteenth century , in Piedmont.

3️⃣ What are the principles of zoning?

Zoning is based on the evidence that even a few meters away the land and soil and climate conditions can be very different even within the same denomination, and that these specific conditions influence the character of the wine.

4️⃣ Does the concept of cru also have anything to do with it?

Yes, the concept is similar, but when speaking of cru we mean not only a specific vineyard in a specific geographical area but also that a particularly fine wine is obtained from there.

5️⃣ What consequences does zoning have for the wine produced?

The wine can therefore be identified as coming from a specific place . Identifying the origin is the added value of zoning. The level of detail is very precise and manages to define homogeneous areas even at the level of individual vineyards or even individual rows.

6️⃣ How does zoning affect wine lovers?

Zoning activities, and their communication, say a lot about how mature and sophisticated wine consumers today are. The ultimate meaning, for those who love wine, is to find the essence of a specific territory inside the bottle : the character of that vine, the characteristics that that soil has imprinted on the grapes, the scent of a walk among those rows.


Zoning is the result of an integrated and interdisciplinary study which, with a complex geo-pedological, climatological and agro-viticultural analysis, aims to divide the territory according to its vocation for vine cultivation. It is a process of particle analysis where soil, exposure, sky, climate, plant and human work are dissected to understand the suitability and adaptability of vitis vinifera to a specific soil.

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