abbonamento di vini francesi

What are Vins de France? A complete guide

Vin de France

In France, since 2009 the "Vins de table" no longer exist “Vins de France”. Here's what it is and how the quality system of French wines has changed since then. A complete guide signed by Sommelier Wine Box.

In the 2000s there was talk of a revolution in French denominations, which arrived in August 2009. The Vins de France were therefore born. Here's what they are and everything you need to know about the wine quality system in France.

What are the Vin de France ?

These are the wines that are at the base of the qualitative pyramid, without precise geographical indications, of the French denominations: the old Wines de table with modified specifications: the old "table" wines have been renamed.

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When were they born? Vin de France ?

The new legislation came into force on August 1, 2009 and was then applied gradually.

How the quality system has changed French appellations ?

  1. At the top of the French quality pyramid, le Aoc ( Appellation d'origine contrôlée ), were renamed (optionally) Aop ( Appellation d'origine protégée );
  2. Below it disappeared Superior quality wines ( Vdqs );
  3. One step lower i Vins de pays they have been transformed into Indication géographique protégée ( Igp );
  4. At the base of the pyramid i Vins de table from beyond the Alps have become Vins de France ( VdF ).

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What is the fundamental difference between Vins de table from beyond the Alps And Vin de France ?

In the Vin de France you can (optionally) indicate the grape variety and vintage , if they constitute at least 85%. Furthermore, the explicit indication of France should not be underestimated for communication, especially in the foreign market.

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Consequences of the name change?

The "rebranding" of French table wines is proving to be an attractive phenomenon to the point of having created a consumer trend .

Sometimes it is an explicit choice on the part of natural winemakers who deliberately choose not to produce within the more severe appellations but in the Vin de France to pursue a personal approach to winemaking.

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What should I do if the Vin de France indication is found on the label?

In fact, within the Vin de France today there is a great variety and judging by the label alone is not possible: you have to investigate a little about who produces the bottle and taste. Inside the Vin de France , in fact, can be found the poor quality industrial bottle but also the very expensive label with limited production.

This is reflected in a qualitative heterogeneity that we need to be aware of because it causes a bit of a crisis the certainties of the classic French qualitative pyramid.

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