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How to remove red wine stains? All natural remedies

Come togliere le macchie di vino rosso? Tutti i rimedi naturali

Red wine contains very powerful pigments and when it is accidentally spilled on the tablecloth or immaculate shirt there is a risk of obtaining indelible stains if the garments are treated with a simple wash. But there are effective natural remedies to avoid the problem and continue to enjoy tasting without worries. Let's see all the natural remedies to remove red wine stains.

Let's see how to eliminate fresh wine stains but also dry ones, with natural methods and without ruining the fabrics. These are natural ingredients and home remedies perfect for removing red wine stains without leaving any traces.

How to remove red wine stains: pre-treat

When a garment has red wine stains it is necessary to act immediately and pre-treat : washing in the washing machine alone is not enough in most cases, especially if the fabric is not washed immediately. By pre-treating them, red wine stains will come off the fibers more easily.

On fresh or dry stains: Marseille soap

Wet the stain with warm water and rub it with moistened Marseille soap , then machine wash. This method is effective on both fresh and dried stains.

On fresh wine stains: salt

Sprinkle the stain with table salt (which helps absorb the wine), leave for 30 minutes, then pour hot water over it. If there is a stain left, wipe with Marseille soap before washing.

On fresh or dried wine stains: lemon juice

Lemon juice is useful both for treating newly formed stains and for dry ones. Pour it directly onto the stained area and leave for a few minutes. If the stain is dry, add a few drops of liquid soap to the lemon. Leave it on for ten minutes before washing.

On fresh or dried wine stains: milk

Warm milk can also be used to treat a red wine stain: you need to leave it to act for at least 15 minutes.

For white items stained with wine: bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is a natural active oxygen whitener. If you have the opportunity to pre-treat, do so with corn starch (or talcum powder) and bicarbonate then soak the stained fabric in warm water and bicarbonate.

For delicate wine-stained items: denatured alcohol or white wine and white vinegar

If you need to remove stains from delicate fabrics before washing them, soak them in denatured alcohol (or white wine) and then white vinegar before washing normally.

When you're away from home and the wine stain is fresh: sparkling water

It is an emergency solution, to be adopted when you are not at home. Pour a few drops of sparkling water on the stain, rub to immediately reduce the intensity. At home, wash the garment normally or pre-treat it with one of the various methods suggested here if the stain remains intense.

When you're away from home and the wine stain has already dried: toothpaste

If the fabric is not particularly delicate and you are lucky enough to be able to change clothes, you can use toothpaste : it may seem strange but it is very effective. Apply it to dry stains and leave to act, before washing the dress when possible. But if the toothpaste is whitening, use it only with white clothes and in limited quantities.

For wine-stained woolen fabrics: ammonia

To eliminate an accidental wine stain on a woolen fabric, soak the garment in a solution of half water and half ammonia , leave to act for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water and hand wash with liquid detergent.

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