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How is new wine made and why doesn't anyone like it anymore?

vino novello

New wine is a product "inspired" by France, which has at the same time entered the Italian imagination, especially linked to the festivals that celebrate the harvest of agricultural products and to a certain expectation of being able to purchase it. Today, however, it has lost the luster it had a few decades ago.

Let's see why and the characteristics of new wine, in 8 simple points .

1️⃣ How is new wine made?

The new wine is produced with the carbonic maceration technique, developed by the French cousins ​​for their Beaujolais (a wine awaited with completely unjustified anxiety according to Veronelli ). The whole bunches are placed in a tank with carbon dioxide: the grapes begin to ferment, are then pressed and vinified without skins. One criticism leveled at Italian new wine is that, unlike the French one, it can be made with only 40% of the grapes subjected to carbonic maceration .

2️⃣ When can you drink new wine?

New wine can be consumed just a few weeks after the harvest : this is its true uniqueness . In fact, it must be bottled in the same year as the harvest, never later than December 31st.

3️⃣ What day is the new wine put on the market?

The new wine must be marketed immediately: from 30 October onwards (the elusive marketing date was 6 November until 2012 ).

4️⃣ When do you drink traditional new wine?

In Italy the opening of the new wine is celebrated on San Martino , November 11th.

5️⃣ Until when can new wine be consumed?

Being immediately ready to drink is also the condemnation of new wine, which has no structure and must be consumed by the following spring . A young man who ages quickly.

6️⃣ What are the characteristics of new wine?

Novello is always made with red grapes (Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet, Barbera, Montepulciano, Corvina, Rondinella, Dolcetto, Marzemino, Molinara, Teroldego and Nero d'Avola the most used grapes).

It is a simple and light wine (11% vol.): purple or violet red in color, aromatic, floral and fruity bouquet (strawberry and raspberry above all), low acid and soft. He is reproached for not providing great emotions.

7️⃣ What to pair with new wine?

Roasted chestnuts and many friends !

8️⃣ What is the consumption trend for new wine?

It has been produced in Italy since the end of the seventies and in the past it has enjoyed great success among consumers. However, the trend is decreasing and today around 2 million bottles are produced. With the same grapes, in fact, we tend to make wines to be consumed equally young but without the problems of the fulminant duration of Novello.

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