Who drinks exported Italian bubbles?

Bollicine italiane

For the chain of transparent pearls, for the aromas and flavors they release, for the elegance in their simple appearance, the bubbles are always charged with a special magic. According to tradition, the bang that characterizes the opening chases away bad spirits. But what game do Italian bubbles exported abroad play?

Undisputed protagonists of festive moments, we like to think that these wines are capable of making any moment special.

After all, the fact that Italian bubbles are playing a great game and experiencing a moment of success is clear to everyone, and this is true both at home and away.

In 2015, in fact, 320 million bottles of Italian sparkling wine were sent "away" and exports in 2016 reached 23%. 2017, then, was the year of a new record for bubbles exports, for an economic value of more than 1.3 billion euros (out of 5.5 of the total export of Italian wine), according to a study by Coldiretti .

On the podium go Prosecco , Asti and Franciacorta .

Where is exported Italian wine drunk?

The English are great lovers of Italian bubbles, and they obtain an important part of the exported sparkling wine. They consume it at home, in the trendiest bars in London as well as in pubs, and also in specialized venues, where Italian bubbles are celebrated as a cult element, as happens in the Prosecco House in Tower Bridge.

Moreover, Italian bubbles are also going strong in the United States , the main foreign market together with the United Kingdom .

As for the other playing fields, if exports to Germany have grown at a slower pace in recent years, there is new data regarding France , the kingdom of bubbles, towards which Italy increased by 186 in 2016. % export of sparkling wine. In terms of numbers, Prosecco does better in France than Champagne does in Italy: for one bottle of Champagne uncorked in Italy, our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps uncork over 6 of Italian sparkling wine. What makes the difference, however, is the average value per bottle, a strong gap that must be filled with adequate valorization policies.

Other important markets for Italian perlage are those of Japan , Canada , the Netherlands and Austria , also favored by the increase in the number of large importers.

We know that with success, imitations grow, starting from Europe, where bottles of Kressecco and Meer-Secco are popping up... but these are not only not in the same category, but they don't even practice the same sport.

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