What wine should you pair with lasagna?

abbinamento lasagna vino

Who doesn't feel a little like a child when thinking about lasagna? That is, one of the great symbols of Italian cuisine, which for entire generations evokes memories of distant and carefree Sundays. Let's try to dig up those moments and propose them again today, pairing them with an excellent glass of wine. Here are our tips for pairing lasagna.

For many of us, lasagna tastes like home . It brings to mind memories of an enveloping scent of sauce, which inebriates the house from the early hours of the day, the sound of the frying and the hands of the grandmother, who passionately knead the dough following the same recipe as always, alternating abundant bechamel with soft fresh pasta , ragù and parmesan. All strictly done at the moment. And then waiting for it in front of the oven and stealing a crunchy corner as soon as it comes out of the oven: an instant that spans generations on which Massimo Bottura built an iconic dish, which has gone around the world.

The first testimonies of this dish are even medieval and the recipe developed over the centuries as the traditional one (Bolognese), in reality soon saw the birth of many interpretations , such as vegetarian lasagne (radicchio, courgettes, artichokes...), the plain ones with fish, or regional variations as in the case of Neapolitan lasagne - with meatballs, provola and ricotta, Norma style - or Genoese ones, with pesto.

Here we focus on the typical Bolognese lasagna and the wine to pair with it.

What are the characteristics of lasagna?

This is the starting point for understanding how to combine this exquisite Emilian dish.

The peculiarities of lasagna to keep in mind when looking for the perfect match are:

🍴 the absence of great structure: the consistency is very soft;

🍴 a certain fatness (yeah…);

🍴 the wonderful set of flavours , intense and well mixed together, ranging from the flavor of the ragù to the sweet tendency of the pasta and especially of the bechamel, the latter often flavored with nutmeg.

What characteristics should the wine to pair with lasagna have?

For all these characteristics of lasagna, the paired wine must be:

🍷 of character and persistent , so as not to be overwhelmed by the richness of the dish;

🍷 soft ;

🍷 equipped with good acidity to cleanse the mouth of the greasiness of the dish.

Medium-bodied wines are perfect, reds with character but not too full, fruity, fresh, even better if pétillant .

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Sommelier Wine Box's suggestions for pairing lasagna

1. The great classic: Lambrusco

A classic combination , the one to never go wrong, is with Lambrusco , a typical Emilian wine with a lively character, which cleans the palate with its effervescence and with its generosity kindly stands up to the flavors of the ragù with the light notes of small red fruits.

2. When the lasagna is spicy: Sangiovese di Romagna

Still among the regional pairings , lasagne alla Bolognese is to be tried with Sangiovese di Romagna , a red which certainly does not play a gregarious role in the pairing and indeed takes into account the richness of the flavors of the food: to be preferred in particular when in lasagna there is nutmeg, because the slightly spicy notes of the wine marry perfectly with those of the dish.

3. A red from outside the region: Barbera

Another pairing to try is the one with Barbera , from Asti, from Alba or from Oltrepò Pavese, of which the excellent freshness and versatility at the table is exploited. Here too, wine is certainly not in the background.

4. To experiment: Classic Method

For lovers of bubbles , a bolder but fun combination is with a Classic Method that has undergone long refinements and therefore has the complexity to stand up to lasagna. Creamy, fresh, fragrant, it is able to perfectly close each tasting and prepare for the next one. Only for those who don't fear the acid lash.

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