Toasting to Music: how wine enters songs

Brindare alla Musica: come il vino entra nelle canzoni

You are the wine that gets me drunk ” sings Elodie in the song presented at the 2023 Sanremo Festival. Wine has always entered the songs and is intertwined with the story of life. In this post, we explore the most famous songs about wine: from folk classics to more recent songs, this list will give you a window into the way musical culture has represented wine throughout history.

Tasting wine is a unique experience that gives pleasure, provokes emotions and evokes memories. Music is an art form that tells the story of life: this is how wine entered music, and how it helped to tell sensations and feelings.

Which songs talk most extensively about wine? Which ones with a sharp quote return one of the many values ​​associated with wine? A selection of songs signed by Sommelier Wine Box.

1. TINY BUBBLES by Don Ho (1966) - shows wine in the most cheerful and light-hearted sense, as the perfect companion for happy moments.

Tiny bubbles
In the wine
Make me happy
Make me feel fine

2. IL VINO by Gino Paoli (1973) - rarefied and dreamlike text, it tells of a man who drinks wine to forget a lost love.

3. TWO MORE BOTTLES OF WINE by Emmylou Harris (1978) - another folk classic, talks about wine as consolation for the pains of love.

Oh my baby moved out and left me behind
But it's all right 'cause it's midnight
And I got two more bottles of wine

4. WINE, WOMEN AND SONG by Willie Nelson (1979) - about a man who loves drinking wine, singing songs and being in the company of women. Wine is treated as one of life's great pleasures but also something that gives meaning to existence and makes us happy.

Oh my baby moved out and left me behind
But it's all right 'cause it's midnight
And I got two more bottles of wine

5. RED RED WINE by UB40 (1983) - song written and performed by Neil Diamond 1967 and subsequently reinterpreted by the reggae band UB40 in 1983: here too we talk about red wine as an ally to overcome the pain caused by a romantic break-up. UB40's version of "Red Red Wine" was a huge success and made the song a classic of reggae music.

Red, red wine goes to my head
Makes me forget that I still need her so
Red, red wine, it's up to you

6. CRÊUZA DE MÄ by Fabrizio De André (1984) - song from 1984 in an album entirely in Genoese, against all the laws of the record market. He talks about sailors returning home and mentions Portofino white wine in one passage, read as a symbol of home , but a home that is in fact unattainable.

7. BACCO PERBACCO by Zucchero (1987) - talks about the pleasure of wine. Wine is treated in light-hearted terms, seen as an element that gives life and joy .

8. DRUNK by Ed Sheeran (2011) - is a poignant song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran that talks about drinking to forget a broken love . And drink what? Open bottles of beer but never Champagne .

9. WHITE WINE by The Vernons (2013) - is a song that talks about the power that wine has to accompany the hardest moments .

10. In Italian indie, various songs by Carl Brave and Franco126 mention wine, cited with precision, which accompanies and specifies moods and above all the pains of love. So here is the “ Chardonnay quarter ” in CHAPEAU , the “ Cabernet ” in SIMONE , both songs published in 2018.

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