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Examples of territories


Tuscany is one of the most important Italian wine regions, and is famous throughout the world for its famous labels. Here wine has been part of its history and culture for centuries, at least since the fourteenth century when the "Lega dei Vinattieri" already existed, represented by the famous black rooster today the symbol of Chianti Classico.

Examples of territories


An extraordinary territory, so multifaceted that it includes the concept of "climat" to define the variety of its productions. Year after year, Burgundy offers exceptional wines, appreciated throughout the world for their impeccable and constant quality.

Examples of territories


Piedmont is fundamental in the Italian wine scene, not only for the great reds and sparkling wines - appreciated all over the world - but also because it was the first to adopt the concept of terroir and cru, introducing the concept of zoning in wine-growing areas and contributing in this way to the country's modern enology.

Examples of territories


Sicily, in addition to enchanting with its countless natural beauties, impresses with the variety of its cuisine and the charm of its wines. For a long time considered the homeland only of blending wines, today it has rediscovered the winemaking traditions in a qualitative way with surprising results.

Examples of territories


Veneto is very rich in different vines and wines, and what characterizes the region, in addition to the quantity of wine produced, is the co-presence of wines famous throughout the world and their extraordinary average quality.

Examples of territories


Known throughout the world for the sparkling wines of Franciacorta, Lombardy offers a prominent ampelographic panorama, based on heroic viticulture in the mountains and the meticulous search for innovation and sparkling wine quality in the hilly southern part of the region.