Our values

We at Sommelier Wine Box believe that the wine is art. We want to share its beauty and the deep bond with culture, enhancing all facets and exploring the next month territories.

We have created a Exclusive Wine Club of wine enthusiasts, which today brings together about 20,000 people: Winelover that They appreciate the goodies scowned for them and told by the largest sommeliers in Italy. People who love exchanging opinions and suggestions, give feedback on individual labels and are looking to discover the selections proposed by Sommelier Wine Box, of which they share values ​​and ethics.

Esclusività di Sommelier Wine Box che permette di scoprire vini introvabili
vignaiolo che lavora la terra con il cavallo
Tradition and innovation

We offer a Unpublished path of discovery and knowledge In the world of quality wine, suitable for everyone, from more experienced to neophytes, favoring a conscious and informed consumption. We do it in the way More innovative possible, fun and smart, Accompanied by the stories of the cellars, the notes of tasting and the combinations, enhancing the richness and the variety of Italian wine.


We want to offer new opportunities to excellent winemakers but little known, which often for lack of commercial or digital skills do not emerge as they deserve in the complex panorama of the wine market. They are artisans who with care and passion produce precious bottles every year.


Crediamo che questo mondo bellissimo sia da curare e preservare con impegno: i materiali delle nostre box sono plastic free, riciclabili al 100% e la carta deriva da materiale riciclato per il 70%. Promuoviamo cantine che lavorano in modo rispettoso dell'ambiente e abbiamo deciso di investire tanto in tecnologia per ridurre drasticamente la carta stampata per veicolare i contenuti delle nostre selezioni.


Sommelier Wine Box was born from a great passion for the world of wine and entrepreneurship: we have created the company that we would have desired to discover excellent wines from consumers, at the right price.

We launched Sommelier Wine Box in 2018.
We created it for the curious people, for those who know how to go against current, For all wine lovers.

Make you discover the fantastic world of wine Through bottles and niche cellars, at the right price.
How do we succeed?
With a great research work Together with the best experts in the sector e Creating a direct experience With manufacturers.

Start your path in the wine world