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Discover unique wines, guided by experts

Discover the pleasure of tasting wines from small wineries selected by the best experts in Italy and France.

For just €79, you receive 6 wines and in-depth information via 6 PDFs with tasting notes and cellar stories.
  • “Sommelier Wine Box: an exciting wine discovery! Thanks to this service, I explored unique wines from small wineries, an experience I recommend to lovers of good wine.”
    • Alessio S.
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    Throughout Italy in 24/48 hours, including islands
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    An expert at your disposal with whom you can choose what to discover
  • Money Back Guarantee
    If you don't like a wine, we'll refund you

How our journey works

Drink extraordinary wines with Sommelier Wine Box in 3 simple steps
Choose your profile
Indicate your preferences and which wines you want to discover, changes are always free.
Decide on the plan
Choose between a monthly or other frequency plan. You do not like it? Cancel anytime!
Enjoy the wonder
Sit back and relax, your undiscovered wines are coming to your home.
Each order includes
  • 6 unique wines with informative notes in PDF
  • 1 dedicated sommelier at your disposal
  • Free shipping in all Italy

Because you'll love our exclusive wine service

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Our wines are the best monthly surprise.
  • +400 partner wineries
  • Niche wines
  • Information material
  • Dedicated experts
  • Custom selections
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Do you have questions?

What type of wines do I receive?

We analyze your wine preferences, based on the answers to the questionnaire, and the experts offer you the perfect wine selections for you.

Who chooses the wines?
We work with a fantastic team of experts from all over the world - they are some of the best sommeliers around.
The underlying principle is that wine is too vast a world (and too beautiful!) to know everything: this is why we work with many experts and are always looking for new ones.

Can I change my preferences?
you can always change preferences, or decide to receive only certain types of wines (for example only reds in the winter season).
You can do this in two ways:
1. enter your personal page and click on the "Change preferences" button
2. write an email to
If I don't like a wine what can I do?
We are here for you: write an email to and tell us your experience: for us it is essential to know this in order to solve the problem and always improve the selections.